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  1. New to forum - good installers in Illinois

    Untamed Auto in Schaumburg.
  2. Modified 16 6MT difficult/impossible to select R,1,2

    Yup, it just sucks that if its the throwout bearing you have to redo 90% of the job.
  3. Modified 16 6MT difficult/impossible to select R,1,2

    it's the McLeod throwout bearing, they are shit. only use oem ford. We won't install a clutch/ trans with one, even lethal updated there package for the lpx and lpxhd to include oem ford instead of McLeod.
  4. Illinois-Chicago

    I fix alot of his builds and tunes... I haven't seen a build from him that has wow'd me yet.
  5. Illinois-Chicago

    Untamed Auto
  6. Chicagoland Autoshop

    Untamed auto, in Schaumburg IL
  7. Is the 350R rear sway bar/bushings a straight bolt on affair?

    Yes, but you need gt350r brackets as well for the larger diameter bar and bushings.
  8. Opinions on lethal performance lpx clutch

    The lethal clutches are made by Mcleod. Theuly are essentially the rxt and rst with organic material. No matter what clutch you end up with run a Ford oem slave cylinder.
  9. Illinois-Chicago

    I will soon, in schaumburg IL.
  10. Florida WTB - Active Exhaust Actuators and harness

    I have ones that will be coming off my car soon since the car is getting hood exits.
  11. Are LPX and LPXHD clutches made by MCLeod?

    @beefcake What happened bud? you deleted all your comments... Good thing i saved them for you. Is this directed to me? If so, i think you are mistaken on who I am. I have been racing competively for over 20 years now. The reason customers come to me is for my reputation. I started my...
  12. Are LPX and LPXHD clutches made by MCLeod?

    No, i'm not mistaken. I remember trying to buy my whipple from you back in early 2020 and I got an email price from you that you then went back on and said that email shouldn't have been sent and you would not honor it. Integrity, is definitely not one of your strong suits. Lethal on the other...
  13. Are LPX and LPXHD clutches made by MCLeod?

    Maybe it does'nt matter to someone like you since you just buy wholesale parts and sell them at a mark-up. But for those of us that actually build and race our cars, knowing what parts I put on my car and where they come from is pretty damn important. I sure as shit would not put a relabeled set...
  14. McLeod RST

    Are you running the mcleod slave cylinder or did you put a new oem back in? We have lots of problems with the mcleod slave cylinders shitting the bed.
  15. Fueling limits of gen 3 Coyote?

    If you want to do stupid shit like running a stock fuel system on a FI e85 setup, nut up and shut up. tune and build your own car. Otherwise do it right and quit bitching and moaning. It's not rocket science bigger injectors and a return style fuel system...
  16. What can we do for You?

    Hey Benny I am looking for M-1800-F
  17. Twin Turbo with VMP 69mm Twinjet Throttle Body

    Have your tuner look into tip-in and are the imrcs turned off in the tune? Both of those can cause weird bucking / driveability issues.
  18. N. Chi Burbs for Roll Center / Bumpsteer Install

    untamed auto in Schaumburg IL
  19. New to boost. Mapping a good starting point?

    This, but on the other hand I kind of want to see a stock gen 2 with a 3.8L. You know, for science.
  20. New supercharger choice

    Procharger or Whipple, any other supercharger is 2nd tier at best...