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  1. wheels and tires for the strip.

    what are you guys suggest wheels and tires for the rear to hook at the strip? thanks 2020 gt auto
  2. active grill shutters

    I have a 2020 gt/cs 401a, auto and I wonder does it has the active grill shutters or not? thanks
  3. Changing oem lug nuts to gorillas lug nuts

    I got the gorillas lug nuts from cjpony and wondering what the easiest way to change the lug nuts over I am thinking just take one lug nut off and put the gorillas lug nut back one at a time , so I don’t have to jack the car up should work right?
  4. How to advance to fm 2 on the steering wheel

    Hi, I have a 2020 gt/ cs and I can’t seem to figure out how to use the arrow button forward and backwards to advance to fm2. The only way I get to fm2 and fm3 is by using the touch screen , but that cause me to look down while driving. On my Honda Accord I just have to keep hit the arrow...
  5. windshield washer fluid for rain sensing mustang

    hi guys, what washer fluid are you guys using for mustang that has rain sensing wipers?
  6. JLT oil separator which one you guys get?

    I was thinking about getting a JLT oil separator for the passenger side. which one you guys get? there are 2 on JLT website. one is free floating and the other it said for whipple charged and it mounted, so no chance of it moving around plus cheaper too. my car is N/A. I don't know if the one...
  7. key fobs

    Hi guys, So, I finally got the car. if you guys remember I was the one posting about the mustang gt with 1052 miles. after careful consideration, I went to Arizona and got a white gt 401a, auto, b&o, ford safe and smart, CS. I drove it back home and put in 448 miles of breakin it in already...
  8. new car on dealer with 1052 miles.

    I have read on this forum that you suppose to break in the car a 1000 miles before you drive it like you stole it. I saw this brand new mustang fully loaded on the dealer with 1052 miles and the dealer only gave me $1750 off the car. it was just the rebate offer right now. I don't know if they...
  9. speedo off by how much?

    Hi guys, I am going to get a 2020 premium gt that come with the stock 18" rim with p235/50R18 tire. I am going to upgrade it to sve R350 19X10 with P275/40R19 square , don't know what I want in color yet. I think liquid graphite is my first choice. here is the question: how much off is the...
  10. 2020 premium GT is this price good?

    Hi everyone, I have been reading on here for the past year and a half and got a lot of good information. I have found a vehicle and wonder what do you guys think about the price being offer now or should I wait longer 2020 Premium GT 401A package Auto B &O msrp $45,615. dealer price right now...