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  1. FS: '17 Shelby GT350R lightning blue/blk roof/blk stripe 1,8xx miles

    I have for sale my 18xx mile (as of this writing the car has 1,810 miles on it and may go up slightly) 2017 GT350R HR912 with electronics package. I received the allocation 7/3/18, the car was built 9/13/17 and picked it up 9/23/17. Drove the car home covered in trakk tape and immediately sent...
  2. HR912 '16 track pack to '17 R (yet another story)

    Well, HR912 finally arrived, it has been quite the journey, one I'll try to convey as best I can. The backstory: I set out to find a non-R track package car or hopefully an unbuilt allocation. After being jerked around by the local dealers, lied to, placed in bidding wars, and thinking I had...
  3. New catch can option for the 350

    Wasn't sure where to put this, or if there was a specific thread for the cans available.. If so mod's please redirect. I owned the Ford performance drivers side can and while it's the obvious factory stock appearing choice, it doesn't offer a real solution to quickly check the oil level. I had...
  4. Forgeline centerlock conversion lb GT350

    19x10.5 and 19x11 Forgeline GA1R wheels with their flush mount centerlock conversion. I'm personally not crazy about the centerlocks nor the red calipers. But wanted to share as I'm a fan of the Forgeline ga1r and to this point none of the 3 or so with them have posted any pictures.