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  1. Texas WTB GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Pack Wheels

    I have a 2021 GT500 CFTP and would like to purchase an extra set of wheels. Complete with tires and sensors lugs etc would be great but open to whatever. Thanks, Darin
  2. 2021 GT500 Extended warranty options and pricing

    I have a 2021 GT500 CFTP inbound. The dealer quoted me $5010 for a 84 months 48K miles $100 deduct Ford warranty. The same thing on my 2020 GT350R from another dealer was $2455. What are people seeing and or buying in terms of extended warranty on their GT500s? Thanks. D.
  3. Texas WTB: GT350R wheels

    I am interested in a spare set of the carbon fiber wheels for my 2020 GT350R. Anybody have an extra set? What dealer has the best price? Thanks, D.