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  1. Account gone?

    Went to log into my account on your site and it says wrong password. Try again, still wrong password. OK, went to do a password reset and it says I don't have an account. I know 100% I am putting in the right email.
  2. Metal valve stems? Rubber ones not holding up.

    I don't know if it's just bad luck or what but the rubber valve stems are not holding up to fast/hard driving and the body/assembly is leaking overnight making me air up the tire anytime I want to take her out. I see metal valve stems but I have zero clue what will work with our cars and TPMS...
  3. New Toyo R888R

    Anyone else see these? The successor to the R888 (which thanks to Paul I have and LOVE). Looking forward to seeing reviews on them.
  4. Whipple doing work 80-150

    Haven't been around much, but I have been enjoying my car. [ame]
  5. What is the highest speed you have gone?

    Curious to see what everyone has gone. I was told it was hard coded to 186 but on a 6th gear pull it went far beyond that on a dyno. Not sure if 186 is NOT the limit or Whipple's relationship with Ford brings the magic.
  6. BEST grip street legal tire?

    I am talking about the BEST, not comprising for tread life or anything. My car is not a DD. So far my research has shown (with vastly low tread life obviously) the answer to this question is the BFG R1 S? I am assuming followed by Pirelli Trofeo R's and Kumho V720 ACR's?
  7. Best Phoenix Sports Bar?

    I will be in the Phoenix area this weekend and I need a good sports bar to watch SNF. Food can be just OK, I just need a sports bar with A LOT of big TV's. I have been looking at Yelp but everything I am seeing from the pictures shows it's more alcohol centric than enough TV's. Anyone have any...
  8. Who is FI AND spinning PAST 8K RPM?

    Curious who is spinning past 8,000 RPM and what mods you have done to ensure your motor doesn't blow.
  9. Whipple Flight Control Question

    Do I need the actual tune file from Whipple to use the flight control software? I only have the stock file, but I can get the Whipple file from my installer. I plugged my laptop in and fired up the Flare took but there was no configuration tab. I assume I have to have the Whipple tune file, open...
  10. Dumb question... How do I change the Whipple pulley?

    As the title says... I assume loosen the tensioner first?
  11. Where can I test my top speed LEGALLY?

    Per the title, I am looking to test my top speed. I know with 3.73's I will be big time drag limited in 6th gear, but I want to know! The only two places I can think of are El Mirage lake bed and the salt flats. I REALLY don't want to drive 700 miles to the salt flats. El Mirage is about 100...
  12. Does anyone have a picture of the GT side badge holes?

    OR know exactly how far apart they are?
  13. Spitballing a remote controlled spoiler idea...

    So, I really like the idea of a spoiler (a functional one that provides a lot of downforce, not one of the many cosmetic ones) but at the same time I know there is a tradeoff when it comes to aero drag. This got me thinking... What if I bought a spoiler and had the height remote...
  14. Help with buying a TV

    Right now in the living room I have Sony 60", but the wife wants to re-orientate the living room (why... who knows) and how she wants to do it would make the TV further away. I was looking into getting a 70"+ but to be honest I know nothing about the current TV models other than what CNET etc...
  15. 360 Camera?

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with a 360 camera. I was looking at this one:
  16. Raxiom Halo Taillights Wow... So...
  17. H-pipe vs X-pipe comparison video

    Finally got around to this... Stock manifolds/cats and Pypes muffler deletes were used for both. Unfortunately looking back, the H-pipe videos were made with a tune from a different vendor using 91 (different cold start RPM range) while the X-pipe videos were made with Lund's E85 tune and a JMS...
  18. M6G Track Day?

    I think that would be fun... Supposedly this is a good group:
  19. Forced induction and a manual? Step inside...

    Curious how the manuals are holding up. I plan on FI+E85 and once the clutch goes I'll get an RXT. Curious what else I might need. I heard the steel flywheels are easier for DD's than the aluminum. As for the transmission internals, anyone blow one up yet? My buddy Frank on here did and had to...
  20. Over 625 RWHP with stock motor and stock fuel system? Step inside...

    Curious to know what setups people are running including pulley size for those making over 625 RWHP on the stock motor (or stock motor with OPG/crankshaft gear) and stock fuel system.