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  1. 11-14 Headers fit on 2015 Coyote?

    I found some used ARH headers from a 11-14 Mustang Coyote. Will they work on my 2015? I know some brands say their headers fit 11-20 etc. But not all. Just want to make sure before I get them. Thanks
  2. 6R80 Trans dipstick

    Does this work on the 2015-2017 cars? One review said he installed on his 2015 Mustang GG but want to get some more conformation that it will work. Thanks
  3. Some wheel weights

    A guy on Facebook posted this and thought it was some good info. Racestar 17 x 9.5 with 285 x 40-17 Nitto 555 G2 53 pounds, Racestar 17 x 10.5“ with a 305 x 45-17 MTSS is 57 pounds, 315 x 35 x 17 MT street comp Is 32 pounds SVE drift wheels 19 x 9.5“ with the Ohtsu 285 x 35-19 is 55 pounds...
  4. Performance Pack 2 rear sway bar

    Can someone confirm this the part number for the PP2 rear sway bar and bushing. Buddy from LevittownFord is having a hard time to distinguish between the PP1 and PP2 part numbers Sway bar JR3Z-5A772-A Bushing/s F2GZ-5493-C Thanks
  5. Issue with Steed rear shock and billet mount

    So installing lowering springs, shocks, struts on the Mustang this past weekend. Really anyways. I could not for the life of me get one of the steeda shocks and mounts lined up. Every time I tighten the lower bolts, it would want to cock towards the rear of the car. When I tried to...
  6. Steeda Lateral and Tension Links and CC plates

    I'm going to be installing some BMR minimum drop springs. Will I need the camber plates and links with these springs. I understand anything would be better than stock, but I won't have any tire issues or steering issues without them? I do plan on getting them eventually. Thanks Steven
  7. Louisiana Sync 3 APIM (non nav)

    Have a spare Sync 3 APIM (non nav) $150 shipped
  8. Louisiana Sync 3 screen and apim (non nav)

    Have a Sync 3 Screen and APIM (non nav) out of a Escape. $400 shipped
  9. Performance pack front Strut part number

    Yes, I searched and the only thing I found is the old part number. From a bunch of googling. Is this the right part number? JR3Z18124E Thanks
  10. Louisiana Sync 3 screen and apim (non nav)

    I just realized I posted this in the wrong section. So I am re posting it here. Sync 3 with APIM, non nav. Screen is flawless. Came out of a MKC. So it has the Lincoln theme but can be changed super easy with Forscan. But it will still work in a Mustang with the Lincoln theme. $425 shipped
  11. Louisiana Sync 2 (My ford Touch)with Navigation

    Sync 2 with Navigation. Came out of my low miles 2015 Mustang. Works fine. Screen is perfect. $200 shipped
  12. Louisiana Sync 3 with APIM (non NAV)

    Sync 3 with APIM, non nav. Screen is flawless. Came out of a MKC. So it has the Lincoln theme but can be changed super easy with Forscan. But it will still work in a Mustang with the Lincoln theme. $425 shipped
  13. Cooled seat mod??

    Before I got my Mustang I browsed the forums and there was thread about making the cooled seats work better. I thought there was a new filter or something to help the air flow. I can't find it now. Anybody remember the thread? Thanks
  14. Support our local WIDE BODY MUSTANG!!!!!

    lol This guy is famous on our local Cars and Coffee facebook page. I thinks he's had this kit for like 2 years...
  15. These wheels clear Performance Pack Brembo's

    Doing the PP swap and thinking of selling my 20" foundry wheels But I like have full size spare just in case. These are for sale local cheap but not sure the the spokes will clear the Brembo's I know the diameter will clear. 19x8.5 Offset +42.5
  16. Base GT brake Calipers

    Have about 10K on them. Asking $225 shipped
  17. Volume loudness

    Have a 15 with My Ford touch and for some reason I have to turn the volume almost 3/4 of the way up for it to be some what loud. I changed the 3.5" speakers to kickers and still the same. Just sounds clearer. lol I find it odd because my wife's MKZ with My Ford touch will blow your brains out...
  18. Rear end shifts at shifts..

    I get this weird rear end shift feeling on the up shifts. What would cause rear of the car seem like it wants go sideways at WOT every time the car shifts from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Sometimes from a stop it also feels like the rear wants to go one direction and the front wants to go...
  19. Thrermostate swap. Now it's leaking????

    This aint my first rodeo with a thermo swap. LOL Changed mine yesterday and finally had time to drive it today since we got some bad weather yesterday. But before I started it, I see it's wet around the connection and some seeping through the threads on the back side of the bolt. Pretty sure I...
  20. Carbon Fiber trunk panel

    Just making sure. This is just a cover right. So meaning it sticker over the stock one? I assume you have to take off the rear GT badge?