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  1. Apple CarPlay and Waze

    I finally updated SYNC 3 and am now able to use Apple CarPlay. When I begin a route in Waze it will set the starting point to my home location no matter where I am actually located. Anybody have a solution?
  2. Radiator Cover Fasteners

    Does anyone know the part number, or where to get online the push fasteners that hold the radiator cover on? I tried searching here and didn't have any luck. Probably used the wrong search keywords.
  3. Georgia Steeda S550 Mustang Tri-Ax Street Short Throw Shifter '15 - '19 GT/EB/V6

    Used for 3k miles. $79 shipped anywhere in the 48.
  4. Georgia WTB: 15-17 GT Stock Manual Shifter Assembly

    I want to try something out, so let me know if you have one.
  5. CJ Pony Parts Email Unsubscribe

    Anyone actually know where on their website you can perform this function?
  6. Cruise Control Intermittent

    Like the title says. At first the Cancel/Resume button was not working. Recently it would not turn on consistently after pushing the On button. Once time it was working fine and then when into Cancel mode by itself and I could not turn it off. Any Ideas? Does any one know if there is a...
  7. Local Sections New Posts?

    Do new posts in the Local Sections forum show up if you go to New Posts?
  8. Loew-Cornell Fine Line Painting Pen

    Has anyone here used one of these to repair paint micro chips? I've watched some videos and it looks real easy, but thought I'd ask here for pointers. I have a Dr. ColorChip kit and will use the paint in it, but these...
  9. FRPP X-Pipe and ??? Axle-backs

    I have the stock mufflers, an FRPP X-pipe and am looking for more volume. What do you guys think about adding these axle-backs, or am I going to get complaints from neighbors I've know for a long time?
  10. FRPP X-Pipe and ??? Axle-backs

    I am looking at more volume. What do you guys think about these axle-backs, or am I going to get complaints from people I've know for a long time?
  11. Clutch Pedal Drops To Floor

    Over a period of time the clutch pedal drops to the floor making shifting difficult. It is only at that time I notice the pedal height. I reach my foot behind the pedal and pull it up into position. You can feel resistance like the master cylinder piston is filling back up. Then everything...
  12. Tire Pressure Gauge

    My 13 year old Intercomp 360060 does not seem to be reading accurately anymore and they claim it can not be re-calibrated. Any recommendations for a replacement gauge?
  13. Rear Wheel Hub Bearing Failure

    We jacked one side of the car up on the BMR jacking rail to replace the OEM lug nuts with some Gorilla units and noticed the driver's rear wheel had way to much play, like maybe 1/4" - 3/8" of wobble. 22k miles, no track or drag launches either. Anyone else had to have one replaced?
  14. New Posts Minus Wheels And Tires

    Is there a way to do a searchid=? so the results would be new posts except anything from the Wheels and Tires technical sub-forum or any other sub-forum for that matter?
  15. Power Pack 2 Installation Atlanta Area

    My car is basically stock except for an X pipe and I use it mostly for highway business travel. After reading the MotoIQ article I'm thinking about getting the PP2 and want to price it out. It seems like a great $/HP value especially in the mid-range. True Blue Racing Parts has a price of...
  16. FS: Steeda S550 Mustang Ultra Lite Low-Profile Chassis Jacking Rails (15-17 Coupe)

    SOLD! Thanks New, never installed jacking rails purchased from Steeda. Part Number:555 5205 $110 shipped in the US.
  17. Parts Tracking

    When I look at my order status all it says is "Item(s) shipping from Mfg". Is there any way to find out when that might be?
  18. Splitter Brake Duct Cutouts For PP?

    Does anyone make a splitter that does not cover or eliminate the PP brake ducts? This question was kinda buried in another thread I started about Steeda vs. APR splitters. I would like to buy a splitter (and spoiler) but not if it interferes with the PP ducts.
  19. APR vs. Steeda PP Splitter

    After reading a ton of threads and watching a few videos I can not make up my mind on this. The Steeda looks like an easy install. Remove the stock PP belly pan and install the Steeda splitter. The APR requires the front bumper/grill to be removed, needs holes drilled and rods mounted and...
  20. GO BLUE!!!

    That is all.