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  1. Raxiom LED Halo Taillights

    Yikes! Mine so far are good, I've had them on since August. SoCal has surprisingly got a lot of rain lately but I have no issues. Fingers crossed!
  2. Raxiom LED Halo Taillights

    Uhhh, you mean Ford GT replicas.
  3. S550 HP gains

    Under 400 RWHP probably depending on the dyno.
  4. engine bay heat extraction

    I am not sure for rain or daily drivers, but I have been thinking about taking the plastic backing out of the hood, the part that goes over the battery and acts like a seal with the hood in the back.
  5. engine bay heat extraction

    Any pics installed? Edit: Nevermind, didn't see the post above. I am very interested, I love the style.
  6. Torco & Procharger

    $13.16 but they won't ship to CA anymore: $13.24 and they ship anywhere. The link and title say Centanium, but it is indeed a misprint and the picture is right, it is Octanium (with the correct manufacturer number...
  7. 1200 HP Mustang for US44K?

    It's not 1200 RWHP, they just add that TT kit. It is capable of 1,200 RWHP... If you have a boatload of money to build a new engine and get a fuel system and injectors and a new transmission etc.
  8. Billet rear shock mounts - advantages?

    Broke one, ordered the Steeda set. Not only much stronger but lighter!
  9. carbon steering wheel/alcantara

    @Beith Performance Parts can you give me a quote for a wheel: carbon fiber with leather, flat bottom AND top?
  10. Limited to 91octane? Toluene anybody tried it?

    I vote Octanium, which is good enough to let my boosted motor run a 93 octane pulley.
  11. Vanquish S

    Aston Martin makes beautiful cars and engines that just don't get enough press because their performance numbers aren't great. Still awesome cars, I almost bought a V8 Vantage S a few years ago.
  12. SPOTTED....Souther california

    Finally met SC_Ruby! Ironically not on a cruise, but by chance at Hillbank Motorsports. His car looks even more beautiful in person! I'm on that freeway all the time! That is right where I get on the 5 South, at Valley View.
  13. CARB legal boost

    CARB is the exact system and configuration of that CARB #, manufacturer tune, and stock headers and cats. In other words, go Whipple (because their Stage 2 is the best CARB setup your will get) or find a smog guy. I have a smog guy but still went Whipple! However, it should be noted... In...
  14. Stainless Power? Alternative?

    Can't comment on other headers but I love my SP's.
  15. PD Blowers - 2.3 vs 2.8 vs 3.2 etc.

    I am not sure if it broke or not, but he has posted faster times that he and I have posted on FB. Forgot how much faster but definitely faster. That guy can row gears for sure, definitely super talented.
  16. PD Blowers - 2.3 vs 2.8 vs 3.2 etc.

    Just checked, his post says so. It is still SUPER impressive, there are just people I have noticed who tout the car without mentioning juice which is misleading. Ken Bjonnes (his tuner) has stated his 9 second slips are nitrous. I believe his non-nitrous best was 10.3, which is still insanely...
  17. BAP with Whipple tune. Anyone running one?

    Yes, 91 with Octanium. I run that with the 3.625 and I got the idea from SC_Ruby and Whipple said it was fine. I have everything on in flight control except for the knock and octane adjust options.
  18. PLEASE read this and be advised:

    Good to know... On a somewhat related note, Anderson Composites installs their products if you are local (op is not, but FYI for others).