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  1. Carbon Build-up on Valves on 2.3 Ecoboost

    I know this is an old question, but can't find a final answer. Do newer 2.3 Ecoboost engines still have issue with carbon build-up? There had been reports that earlier ecoboost engines had this problem, but was thinking Ford had resolved?
  2. Info System Question

    Have one more question about 2020 Mustang Ecoboost with Shark style antenna. I want to replace the OEM radio with one that includes Navigation and Sirius radio. Does the Shark antenna include a wire for Sirius and one for Navigation or will I need purchase separately?
  3. Synch 3 In All 2022 Mustangs

    Ford Co-Pilot 360 was added to all Mustang trim levels for 2021. Has anyone heard if Sync 3 will be standard in all 2022 Mustangs or will it still be a feature in the Premium trims only?
  4. Mustang Production

    With the chip shortage, is Ford still building 2021 Mustangs? Has production been shut down temporarily? There are practically no Mustangs on dealer lots ( as is the case with other models).
  5. DCT 7 Speed Transmission

    I've read that the DCT 7 speed used in the Shelby GT500 may be used across all Mustang models. Is the DCT 7 speed a better alternative than the 10 speed automatic? Also, how different is the DCT 7 speed from the Power Shift 6 speed which was also a dual clutch automatic but had all of the...
  6. Next Generation Mustang

    Since it's reported that the s650 Mustang will arrive in 2022 as a 2023MY, will there be a 2022MY?
  7. 2021 Base Ford Mustang Ecoboost Loses Paddle Shifters

    Found a site to Build and Price the 2021 Ford Mustang. For base Ecoboost (Equipment Group 100A), Ford has removed paddle shifters. At same time, Ford lists the automatic transmission option as a 10 Speed Select Shift Transmission. How can it be Select Shift without paddle shifters or some...