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  1. lug nuts for arp wheel studs

    Hey guys, I am looking for advice with what are some good open ended lug nut options for arp wheel studs, m14 x 1.5. I am planning on running with f14 beadlocks. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. Illinois BNIB Injector dynamics

    I have brand new in box injectors from injector dynamics. All prices include shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. All injectors will be drop shipped directly from Injector Dynamics. If you are looking for other injector dynamics products feel free to send me a message. id1050x - $925...
  3. Illinois Pedders extreme xa coilover plus kit with camber plates

    I have a set of Pedders extreme XA coil over plus kit with camber plates that I am not using. I got them brand new in a trade for installing a set of headers and some bmr suspension goodies. I installed them in my car and they were too low for the chicago potholes, so I returned to a spring and...
  4. Illinois WTB PP1 Spoiler

    Looking to buy a pp1 spoiler preferably metallic metal grey
  5. 2018 or 2019 Mustang GT

    Hey guys I'm new to the world of mustang's and I was looking for a bit of advice. The dealer I'm working with currently has a 2018 gt with 97 miles and a 2019 gt with 5.2 miles. The price difference between the cars is pretty substantial and they both have the exact same options. Should I be...
  6. Potential New S550 Owner

    Hi everyone, I was recently rear ended and my car was deemed a total loss. I am looking at a 2019 mustang gt fastback 6-speed. I am interested to hear the opinions of owners, should I buy this car or should I look for something else? Hit me with the good, the bad and everything in between that a...