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  1. Radnor Hunt Concours

    Stopped by the Radnor Hunt Concours in SE PA today almost on a whim - some amazing vehicles on the grounds and nice weather. Not really a modern muscle event, but I still had many stop by the GT350 for a visit and pics. Thought you might enjoy some of the cars (photos)
  2. 2023 Z06 FPC teased - via audio

    Chevy started teasing the upcoming FPC engine with a sound only clip trailer.
  3. Hankook MLB Ad - The Slider

    Perhaps I'm very late to the game - if so, pls delete. But I enjoyed seeing our GT350 featured first in the @Hankook Tire "Never Halfway" ad campaign targeted with MLB games.
  4. Six Yrs Later - C8 Z06 finally tries to copy Voodoo

    We've seen the plans for years. Only took GM/Chevy 6+ years to try to copy the FPC Voodoo.
  5. Amelia Concours

    I'm down at #TheAmelia Will send more pics tomorrow, but was pleasantly surprised to see one of our GT350 brothers leading the road tour today. Some amazing vehicles.
  6. Carbon-Fiber Composite color

    Tough install for my fat fingers but we like the @bemarosf #wimbeldonwhite look. Watch out for the “O”s (don't press in the center), keep everything very warm and don’t drop anything in that engine bay #blackhole! 🙂
  7. Design credit to the Ford GT350 folks

    Gotta give these @ford @fordperformance #designers credit on #frontendfriday. Literally the only #cobra fangs you can get close enough to photograph
  8. If you're on the fence - get off

    Took me a long time to come back the mustang after 3 decades away, but the GT350 is/was one of a kind and likely last of the breed. If you are on the fence, time to hop off and find one of these. Doesn't have to be a HEP - but that was the personal connection for me. Every time I take her...
  9. GT350 Cold Start Bark

    Not sure about the rest of you, but my HEP's cold start bark has gotten more menacing by the day. Could be the warmer weather or break-in miles (400+ now), but my neighbor (100+ yards away and in his house) texts me every time I start Mollie up. He's appreciative of the craft but we're...
  10. 2020 HEPs on Instagram

    Not sure how many of your HEPs are out there on IG, but let me know. Would be interesting to follow along out there. Mollie is out there as stangsgt350. I look forward to following the rest of you.
  11. The Bid Goes On... Mecum GT500 Golden Ticket/GT350R

    Both cars came across and didn't sell. 130K top bid for the GT500, 90K for the GT350R. Both looked Oxford White with either blue/black OTT stripes (to me).
  12. Barrett Jackson - Scottsdale - Mecum Glendale

    Big week in AZ coming up. Mecum has already started and BJ begins soon. For those of you interested, "The Search for Little Red", the "Legend of the Green Hornet" (both amazing Shelby stories), and a preview of the BJ lots will run tonight on FYI Network starting at 9 ET. If anyone will be at...
  13. The Young Family Mustang Story

    If you haven't read these yet over on @FordPerformance, they are worth it. Great family stories and everything mustangs and shelbys.
  14. GT350 POV Drive in the Netherlands

    I missed this when it first came out, but it is a nice spirited POV drive in the Dutch countryside
  15. Mach 1's & GT's on their way home

    Heading to their dealers today in PA
  16. HEP Rear quarter louvers

    Wondering - since the '65 GT350s came with quarter panel louver vents... has anyone found/added Wimbledon White louvers to their rear quarter windows? I've been asking around - FP, dealers and after market, but seems no one is selling that color/fitment. btw - first pic is of the pristine 65...
  17. Mecum AZ - March - Mustangs

    Nice Mustang coming to the block at Mecum in March. Nothing like the line up last month in FL, but always something interesting. 1970 FORD MUSTANG BOSS 429 FASTBACK...
  18. Big move by GM out of gas/diesel cars/suvs - wonder what Ford's response will be?

    General Motors to eliminate gasoline and diesel cars and SUVs by 2035 Big U.S. automaker says it will invest heavily in electric vehicles and become carbon neutral by 2040...