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  1. Gauges

    Cylinder head temp and oil pressure. I wish the vacuum gauge was oil temp instead.
  2. Do I really need an oil catch can?

    I didn't have anything else to do, or to spend my money on, so I installed one, even thought I think they don't do a damn thing for a street car. My race car a couple of puke tanks that were required to keep crap off the track.
  3. Dyno question-different drive modes, different results?

    From what I recall no mode increases HP, they only remove nannies that keep rapid acceleration and subsequent wheel spin from happening.
  4. Car turning off randomly

    As far as your first issue, my engine has stalled maybe twice in the past 6 years. Same situation when coasting to a stop. I chalked it up to an ECU glitch or stack overflow, and figured I can not troubleshoot an issue that happens very rarely. I got nothing regarding your throttle response...
  5. Where do you place your cellphone holder in your car?

    There is a long thread on this forum regarding the subject, so try searching for it. Also, Apple CarPlay is the only way to go for me.
  6. Jacking Rails That Are Below Pinchwed

    I've had both Steeda and BMR. Both extend beyond the pinch weld. BMR units run full length and parallel to the ground.
  7. 10.00 for a quart of Oil

    I like my oil when it is fresh out of the oven, and I don't even give it a chance to cool. ;) Oil threads are hilarious and TL;DR.
  8. This is the worst OEM audio system I ever owned?

    Between my tinnitus and the Borla S-types I think the Shaker in my car is the best OEM system I have ever owned. Love using Sirius and Waze through CarPlay. It's a game changer.
  9. Floating at High Speeds

    I thought there was no stock way of adjusting front caster or camber on these cars. You need to install a set of plates to accomplish any adjustment. I'd love the get some Vorshlag's, but can not justify the price on a DD.
  10. Weld or use clamps for H pipe ?

    I love me some x-pipe nasty raspiness.
  11. What is the tube coming from air intake pipe to the firewall called?

    I probably won't be here in 30 years...
  12. Elon Musk to buy Twitter--take private--WOW! [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Never been on Twitter. Not interested, so no need for it.
  13. I thought manual trans didn't come with adaptive cruise, but I guess it does

    I really wish mine had adaptive cruise. I spend hours on end driving I-85 in the Carolinas and traffic sucks.
  14. 40 year dream comes true

    Congratulations! I know where you have been. My Mustang is the first muscle car I have owned. It also took me 40 years to own one. As a teenager I could not afford my own car. Once I could then the price of gas went through the roof. Then I was traveling for a living and needed a sedan...
  15. MT-82 or clutch issue

    If you still have not taken anything apart, then see if you can pull the clutch pedal up with the top of your foot. If you can, and now have a firm pedal, then your slave is defective. You should be able to drive it around without any problems until the slave bleeds down again. Mine did than...
  16. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    My apologies. I was not aware that the national average price of gasoline was a political topic.
  17. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Actually when adjusted for inflation the US average price of gas is near the 40 year low.
  18. When did people start saying "drag pack"?

    Once again I am the last to hear about such things.
  19. Strut tower brace

    That sure is a lot of engine cover...