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  1. Louisiana Gen 3 short block

    Stock gen3 short block. This came from a low mile f-150, but I’m nearly certain they are identical to the mustang. It is stock except that I regapped the top ring to .018-.020. Pick up only in the Baton Rouge area. $1500
  2. 5.2 Build - main bearing size code identification

    I’m currently building a basically stock Predator short block. The ford procedure for selecting the main bearing thickness, or “grade”, is described here: However, the code on the block is: I have...
  3. Louisiana [Price drop] 2018+ Roush axle-back + x-pipe ass’y

    I am selling a 2018+ Roush axle-back exhaust that is mated to the stock mid-pipes, an aftermarket x-pipe (MBRP-style), and the factory connect at the front. This assembly bolts on in place of the stock exhaust in a matter of minutes. This also allows you to keep (for future use) or sell your...
  4. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    I recently did some exhaust pressure testing and thought I would share my results for anyone interested. I've done exhaust pressure testing before and found power by relieving it. For reference, Lingenfelter IIRC once wrote that exhaust pressure should be kept under about 5 psi, but turbo...
  5. XDI High Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade

    I had been interested in upgrading the HPFP on my Whipple 2018 GT for some time, but I could find very little information on it or anyone outside of a shop who’s installed one. I recently purchased one from 5 Star Tuning and installed it, so I thought I would put this out there in case anyone...
  6. Ford 7.3 gas chassis dyno

    Looks like TFL and 5 star finally strapped one to the dyno. 360 rwhp and 409 ftlb on the best pull.
  7. Louisiana My 2018+ Whipple carbon fiber open filter intake for your closed filter intake

    As the title states, I have an early-release 2018 Mustang Whipple kit with the carbon-fiber tube and open filter. It has about 22,000 miles on it. I'm looking to update to the closed airbox. I know some folks like the open filter better, especially with the early early carbon fiber tube. I'd...
  8. Tomahawk logging: whippledata pid’s

    Is anyone else using the tomahawk to log whippledata? If so, do you have an explanation of the pid names? I have probably 80% figured out but can’t seem to determine the difference between lamb0 and 1 vs uego0 and 1. They track together most of the time, but sometimes they go opposite ways.
  9. 2018 whipple cal. pulley experimenting

    2018, whipple stage 2, a10, whipple cal only. Has anyone played much with true pump gas and pullies? My results are as follows....this is on straight 93 with no octane booster, 4th gear pulls. On the supplied 3.875 pulley and stock thermostat, my timing hits 17 deg at about 5300 rpm. It...