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  1. Question on gaining access to door speaker

    Hi there, I think my passenger side door speaker is loose and is rattling. Its driving me bonkers. Are there any guides or instructions on what needs to be done to gain access to the speaker? (how to remove the panels, screws, ect) Was gonna just look for youtube videos, but thought i'd try...
  2. power washing the engine bay?

    Is it ok to lightly power wash the engine bay area? No soap, just water. Anything I want to be careful around? Like the battery box, ect Thanks in advanced!
  3. Im a big noob. Forgot to change the oil filter.

    Sooo uhh yeah..i drained the old oil, put in new oil, forgot to change the oil filter ☹ Its not the end of the world right? I only have about 7500 miles, and i last changed the oil at like 5k miles i think. What would be the best move to replace the oil filter? Get another 10 quarts of...
  4. FordPass app no longer shows oil life %?

    Did they just remove the oil life % from the app? I swear I used to be able to see the stat in the app somewhere. Anyone else notice this? Or am I just not looking hard enough?
  5. Weird noise coming from passenger side (dealer service appointment scheduled)

    I recently noticed some strange noises coming from the passenger side. First heard it when driving up next to a wall on the passenger side and the sound was reflected off the wall. Not really sure how to describe it, just sounds like its coming from the wheels when moving. Kinda like a...
  6. Winter tire pressure question!

    What psi do you guys usually run during the winter? Im on blizzaks, and I just checked the app and its under 30 psi on all four tires. About 27-28 currently. I dont drive much anymore, but I was reading that during winter you want to overfill by a few psi? So should I be sitting around 36-37...
  7. Recommendations for shops that do ceramic coating in the DMV area (D.C, Maryland, Virginia)

    Any of yall have any good recommendations for any shops around this area? I did some light googling and found these guys called exoticvehiclewraps Their top tier package: Surface Decon Paint Correction 4 Layers 9H on All Painted Surfaces 1 Layer Light on All Painted Surfaces 1 Layer Rain on...
  8. Plastic trim piece fell out. Where does it go?

    where the hec does this go? Found it on driver side floor. 2019 gt. Thank you!
  9. Brake pad change question. (brembos)

    Sorry if this has been posted already. What is the service interval for brake pads? In particular the brembo front ones. (on the pp1/pp2 cars) Do calipers need to be changed along with the pads? Do the non brembo rear brakes need to be serviced sooner or later? Thanks!
  10. 1/2 impact wrench socket question

    Recently picked up a half inch dewalt impact wrench. (intended use for lug nut removal on wheels) Is it safe to use regular sockets, or do I need to use impact sockets? I'd think impact sockets would be the way to go just to be safe. Anyone ever shatter a regular socket using a impact gun?
  11. Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne closed. Stay safe yall!
  12. When do yall switch over to your summer wheels/tires?

    When do yall swap over to the summer setup? Todays like 70ish in my area. From what I understand, winter tires degrade much quicker in warm weather.
  13. Official Ford Sync 3.4 (i think?) enter ford mustang enter VIN and Sync Serial Number (ESN) I downloaded three files. Too scared to do the update though. Has anyone done this update yet? They have pretty detailed instructions.
  14. going back to the stock clutch spring after using the steeda spring

    When I got my first 19 mustang, I had a difficult time modulating and getting smooth releases using the stock clutch spring. I swapped to the steeda spring and immediately clutch feel was vastly improved. Drove around with the steeda spring for about 6.5k miles. Long story short, got into an...
  15. Stock pp2 wheels and winter tires

    Would it be possible to fit some 295/30/19 tires on the stock pp2 wheels? I have two sets of pp2 wheels and want to swap one set to use winter tires. (winter performance so i guess not true snow tires ) Any suggestions on which tires to use? Thanks!
  16. how does one drain the coolant fluid? (the pink stuff)

    popped my hood to change my battery and noticed that the fluid reservoir is showing the fluid level well over the max line. should i be concerned? how would i drain out a bit? I was thinking of just using like a turkey baster and sucking it out
  17. mustang crashed and is in repair (not at fault)

    just a quick question, will the vin number provide all the details that its a pp2 car? like will it show that it has a different splitter and stuff?
  18. Race Ramps for 2019 PP2

    Anyone know what the angle of approach must be for using some race ramps? Im planning on getting a set of 4 ramps so I can easily do oil changes, but not too sure what the clearance should be. Looked in the manual but couldnt find anything.
  19. quick question about swapping transmission fluid So i recently ordered this syncro shift fluid and im planning on putting it in in a few days. Do I need to do a full flush of the existing trans fluid? If so, how much extra fluid...
  20. Hillstart assist

    Hey, does anyone out here know how to disable hillstart assist on the MT6 2018-2019 mustangs? Thanks!