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  1. Peter Brock shows up to Celebrity Cars and Coffee with his 'Restored 240Z!

    Another cool car Peter owns. That's my KONA BLUE '19 GT/CS next to the red HotRod. Yes that's Peter cleaning his own car! d
  2. Can someone explain why some members block out their License plates?

    Are you hiding from the GOV'T? Identity theft? Is there an Official reason?
  3. Had to replace a RIM, FOOSE Legend 20x8.5 $440, but happy with end result

    A couple of weeks ago I was driving to a Sunday morning car show and hit a huge bump in the road (man made by the paving company with no warning sign). I had Custom Caliper Covers GT/CS on and when I hit the bump, the cover broke loose and threw it out onto the street. I went on to the show...