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  1. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Haven't had much cause to hang around lately. I'm going to try to make sure I change that a little bit. Cam c relevant is my ran cam c at the cam challenge last year in Indiana. I did it in my Mach 1, in B Street spec, now what's going to be F Street spec. And walked everybody there. And that...
  2. Koni Yellow Shocks/Struct wheel fitment question

    Couple things. First of all fitment with Koni's is not a problem. In fact I have a set on my Mach 1 actually Right now. So no issue there . Where there is an issue is in running FS with 10-in wide wheels. Not allowed to do that. I mean I don't much care and frankly now that they've moved the...
  3. Mach 1 autox videos, local SCCA region

    2 dreary days of weather last weekend. Saturday run is 1st, Sunday is 2nd. Sorry about the wind noise in the first link, forgot my external mic. I need to work on placement of the mic, which was a new unit to me, going forward as the second link isn't great either.
  4. Video, Overall Fastest Autocross at Holley FordFest.

    Through the power of social media, on a Mach 1 page over on the book of faces, I found A video of my car running around that particular autocross taken from the stands. Kind of neat to see the different perspective.
  5. Autocross: Outside front edge tire wear

    Well tubular bars are more expensive to make, and harder to make because you have to make sure you don't crack the tubing, especially when you go to a thin wall like I would need to to get what I wanted. Of course this particular point in time anything that's involving metal is pretty hard to get.
  6. 2021 Mach 1 wheel offsets for the HP wheels?

    My set of PP2 wheels are 24 and 52. The Shelby's are 30 and 62 I don't know why the difference. But there's no difference between my set of PP2s and the handling pack Mach 1 wheels in terms of offset.
  7. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

  8. Video, Overall Fastest Autocross at Holley FordFest.

    It is. And it's more stock than that. If you read the description on YouTube it basically touches on these things. And it just shed about 40 lb of unsprung and rotational weight today with the new wheels.
  9. Autocross: Outside front edge tire wear

    It would take a fair number of people asking for them. And then probably going to take me a few months to get geared back up to do it. Not impossible at all, but it can't say there was a huge market simply because everybody goes gaga over bigger bars And it takes sometimes hours to explain to...
  10. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    I have to kind of agree. I like the stock wheels, but they are busy and massively heavy. I might like them more if they weren't so clunky. PP2 wheels are clean, this set is tentatively sold to a customer as I have BCForged RS41 and RS45's for it, two very different looks, hope to have pics of...
  11. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Ford Fest Overall Autocross winner, 2nd in 3S or "speed stop" thought rain got in the way, I think I could have won, or ended up lower a few spots if it had be dry, hard to know.
  12. Autocross: Outside front edge tire wear

    I need more of you guys to tell folks that, I would make that again! :) I'm glad you like it. Shocks/struts. Koni Sport but had to modify the rears some to work (but they are SCCA legal for Street). Not pretty but effective. I was trying this as a proof of concept before I considered Penske's...
  13. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

  14. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

  15. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I just recently changed from mag Ride to a set of non-Magride dampers. It took a little doing, and to test it I went with a set of proven Koni Sports. I can report to you that it is a much better auto cross car than it was with the OEM setup mag ride . Keep in mind that my car is still in B...
  16. Autocross: Outside front edge tire wear

    You need to loosen the car up. Through this whole conversation when I really haven't seen is anything indicating that the rear is trying to kill you. Somebody mentioned it earlier that you need it to dance. You don't want the car loose and uncontrollable, but if the car rotates a little bit...
  17. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    2021 Mach 1 Handling Pack Pitt Race 1:56.6 Ferodo DS1.11 front, Pagid RSL29 rear 305/30-19 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 Stock HP camber maxed in front at -2.7 No other mods
  18. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Not in for Nats in the Mustang. Hoping they get wise and move the Mach 1 to FS, which would likely get me out of the Corvette for Solo events. Considering taking the Mustang to Pery for the CAM Challenge in August but you know, it's a B-Street car and I damaged on of my RT660's for the rear...