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  1. FS: Carbon JLT intake and tune combo

    Basically brand new Carbon dipped JLT intake for $300. Has maybe 100 miles on it before a Kenne Bell went on. $600 for the intake installed and flex fuel tune if you're in the San Diego area!
  2. Who has an NGauge and wants a nice mount??

    Just finished designing and starting to make s550 NGauge mounts! Give me a call and I can get you one today.
  3. Back to Back Track Comparison Bone Stock VS Tuned

    Went to Fontana yesterday with a few customers. One has a brand new 2016 Auto. Only mod is a catback exhaust. He made 4 passes and went between [email protected] every time. Loaded in a 91oct tune and went a 13.0 and a [email protected] Put a few gallons of e85 in and adjusted for flexfuel and ran...
  4. FS: Brand New BBK-1847 Cold Air Intake

    Selling and new not even opened BBK-1847 Intake. $320 cash gets it today! Feel free to call 615-892-9414...
  5. New dealer for PMAS intakes! Group buy??

    Hi everyone! I am currently getting set up as a dealer for PMAS Intakes. I have installed and tuned one on a Mustang6G members car, installing and tuning another on a 2016 GT with a GT350 manifold and throttle body, and looking to do more! Admittedly they aren't the prettiest on the market, but...
  6. WTB ASAP: Black Performance Pack Wheels and Tires in San Diego or nearby

    Found some! Don't know how to delete this lol
  7. Custom Tuning in the San Diego Area

    Several of you guys know me from the cruises, shows and the race track, but for those that don't, no excuses now! I do custom tuning and a few other services. No, not that kind! Feel free to message or call, I'm always available, not just 8-5pm. Don't call or text me at midnight, I might pull...
  8. Racelegal at Qualcomm this Friday 7/8/16

    I'll be there! Who else is coming out? Also, anyone wanting their car tuned/data logged at the track, get in touch with me ASAP. Gates open at 6 at the Qualcomm stadium.
  9. Racelegal at Qualcomm Friday 6/24/16

    Hoping to get a decent group together for those that do more than sit pretty in a parking lot! I'll be there by 7pm! Message me for contact info if needed. Qualcomm Stadium 9449 Friers Rd, San Diego, CA 92108
  10. Late/Spur of the moment SoCal cruise today

    Wanting to test out my new GoPro and cruise through the mountains. Anybody want to get out? Meet around 1pm and I'm in the La Jolla area currently. Who knows where we will end up though.