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  1. California FTBR Shifter Bracket

    Shifter bracket mounts shifter to transmission directly. Greatly improves shifting accuracy and feel. Liked it so much I bought another for my coyote. $70 shipped lower 48.
  2. GT Performance Pack Radiator

    Anyone in the Bay Area want this thing? If interested shoot me an offer its just taking up space in the garage. California - Performance Package Radiator 2020 Perfect Condition | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) -
  3. Engine Immobilizer Lock - PATS?

    Hey guys, I've swapped a gen3 coyote drivetrain along with the fuse box, wiring and most modules (ECM, BCM, BCMB, GWM, and some others) but it won't start. Accessory power will turn on as usual, however the start/stop button green light flashes rapidly instead of staying solid green as usual...
  4. Engine Swap: Anyone with IDS in the Bay Area?

    Hey all, I’ve swapped a 2020 GT drivetrain along with all wiring and most modules into my 2016 Ecoboost chassis. Im in need of some module programming and my local dealer looked at me sideways when I asked. Forscan cannot do it. Not looking for a special hookup, just someone who knows what...
  5. California 2018-2019 GT Manual OEM Driveshaft

    Looking for a driveshaft, hopefully in the Bay Area for local pickup. Scammers I know the "contact my friend who has one" trick so please save both our time and go bother someone else.
  6. California Cobb Accessport Unmarried $300 Shipped

    In perfect condition, ready to go. Will work on any Ecoboost mustang.
  7. WTB Bay Area Driveshaft 18-19 GT MT82

    Anyone In the Bay Area have a stock driveshaft for a 18-19 mt82? Thanks!
  8. California Performance Package Radiator 2020 Perfect Condition

    In perfect condition, from a 2020 GTPP. 1/2” thicker than base GT radiator, better cooling capacity. Will fit all model year S550 GT’s. FR3Z-8005-G $200 local pickup only please. Santa Cruz Ca
  9. California Steeda Ultralite Linear Springs

    Steeda Ultralite linear springs (1” drop F&R): $125 shipped. Not for Magneride.
  10. California Turbonetics NX2 Turbo (800 Miles)

    Used for ~800 miles, I just finished the tuning process actually. In perfect condition. Includes Turbosmart Twinport wastegate. Better transient boost response and guaranteed to hold whatever amount of boost you want all the way to redline. Full spool by 3300rpm on my manual transmission car...
  11. California UPR Dual Valve Catch Can

    Used for about 15k miles, works great and has upgraded billet check valves. Also has ball valve for quick draining, emptying the can takes 10 seconds. You will need to buy whichever coupler size fits your intake from UPR for the connection in front of the turbo. I can help if needed, let me...
  12. California WTB OEM GT Front Subframe K-Member

    Anyone have one taking up space you want to get rid of?
  13. ABS, EPAS, BCM Functionality With Standalone?

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has done a standalone with a new engine wiring harness and kept all or most of the functionalities of these parts/modules? Manual transmission. I’m trying to figure out how much of the functionalities of these parts and controllers is integrated with/reliant on the...
  14. Where To Find Ford Performance Cams?

    Looks like FP will not have them in stock until September (their estimate). I'll have my head off for a head gasket and studs in the next few weeks and would like to throw a set of these in there since it'll all be apart anyways. Anyone know of a vendor that might have a set? Or do you have a...
  15. California Exhaust quad tips (universal)

    Putting these here since they’re for the visual impact and universal. eBay specials. The tips were not aligned correctly so I cut and re-welded them. Then never installed them. $75 shipped.
  16. Who's Good At Reading Plugs? Pics Inside

    Looking for plug reading wizards. These plugs are out of my ecoboost but posting here since response in the ecoboost subforum has been nil, and I'm sure there are a bunch of experienced guys in here. Been having a rough idle during cold starts that resolves itself within 3-10 seconds. A...
  17. Why Does One of These Plugs Look Different?

    Looking for plug reading wizards. Been having a rough idle during cold starts that resolves itself within 3-10 seconds, and keeping an eye on it to see if its losing coolant. Got a cyl#2 misfire at my last track day which prompted my investigation into why that may have been. Cleared the code...
  18. California OMP Seat Side Mount Brackets

    Universal steel 36 hole bracket for maximum adjustment on most aftermarket race seats (sparco, OMP, etc). Can be used with or without sliders. Taken out of packaging and bolted finger tight to my seat in my living room. Then removed and ended up using a different set of brackets. $90 shipped...
  19. California OEM Drivers Side Recaro (Cloth)

    In good condition, no rips or stains. Located in Santa Cruz ca. Local pickup only. I was planning on keeping the passenger but if you want the pair we can prob work something out. $200
  20. California Schroth Quickfit Pro Harness (Driver)

    In perfect condition, used for 5 track days and removed in between. Driver side. $300 shipped contiguous US.