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  1. Michigan 2018 Mustang GT350 In need of new home

    2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. 27000 miles. Asking 58,000.00. Over 5k in adders. Recent plans changed. My wife and I desire to build our retirement home in 8 years. I looked at the equity I have in the Shelby and found it is necessary to pay down our current condo. This is my 2nd GT350. I...
  2. Flex Fuel Woes

    Yes. There is that port which the cable I showed in the pics goes to. Then you set it Up in your gauges
  3. Flex Fuel Woes

  4. Flex Fuel Woes

    I did with my first GT350 when I did the investigation on how to set it all up. I had a earlier post on the board about it. On my current one I repeated the setup except for the ethanol sensor and gauge used. This time I went zeitronix kit. I got their controller and sensor which I wired the...
  5. Flex Fuel Woes

    You don’t have to run it down to zero exactly. You run it down as much as you can. The idea is getting it as clear as close a tank of E85 as you can so the ecu can get a better reading. Once it’s learned it you should be able to handle a mix better. I only use it when I’m transitioning from...
  6. Flex Fuel Woes

    there is a learning process you need to do with the flex tune loaded before you drive it and open it up. You load the tune and then need to let it idle for say 5 minutes as the ECU adjusts. You then give it a bit of throttle to raise the rpm a bit and continue the learning. Do not go WOT before...
  7. Flex Fuel Woes

    I get pretty consistent E85 in Michigan. Its been pretty much in the low 80s. I hated test tube checks so I added a ethanol sensor with gauge setup to monitor real time. As long as he is getting at least high 70s he should be good on the straight tune.
  8. Flex Fuel Woes

    Did you datalog the 93 tune properly and get that dialed in with them first? After that you need to get the 93 octane down to where your pretty much empty before doing E85 in the tank. You then load the E85 tune and put E85 in the tank to run through a series of logs to dial it in. The flex...
  9. Buy 2016 GT350 or 2021 new mustang GT premium

    Don’t go digital dash. I prefer the analog style gauges and still get digital speed readout on the center screen between the gauges. My wife has a 2019 GT which has the digital gauges setup and I like the look of my 2018 GT350 setup better.

    Oh good then mine should be shipping
  11. Teardown and rebuild Thread: Converting GT350 race motor to CPC

    Your fine. The long tubes and motor mount with tune aren’t going to cause this. The headers are not part of the engine balance. This engine in the tear down has been exclusive use on track at constant high rpm with a non oem balancer. Jury is still out on that. Don’t equate what you read here to...
  12. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    Similar here in Michigan. High of 60 on saturday then back to getting a couple inches of snow on Monday
  13. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Thanks. There was a couple weekends of installing more of the shelves and then just a couple hours on the floor. I also had several days just knocking down my old workbench, moving contents to the shelves and migrating from a tall craftsman toolbox to the long wood top roller I have now. Worth...
  14. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Here is my garage I just finished which is the home for my 2018 GT350 and my wife’s 2019 GT. They are currently offsite in winter storage since we only have a 2 car garage at the condo. It’s swisstrax. Thinking about getting a custom square for each side with a GT and GT350 logo
  15. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    I’m still trying to fathom the drive ability issues you saw without it. Ive owned two GT350, a 2017 and now a 2018. Stock from the showroom they were great and only got better with more power when I had Lund tune both. Now running E85 with a JLT and soon to have LT headers installed. Still...
  16. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    I see it’s the same body and not a bigger bore. They are just doing some alterations/ porting of an OEM 87mm unit.
  17. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Without an actual before/ after dyno your power comments are just butt dyno feel and very subjective. I would be very cautious on any power gain claims, especially without any tuning for it. It as of right now is all placebo snake oil.
  18. 350R NA build

    It would be and would be a better track setup if they have to go with forced induction. Stuffing components to boost a GT350 and keep it running all day full 20 minute sessions on track with get very costly to obtain and still fall short in the 20 minute run on a hot day. There is a real reason...
  19. UHP Innovations P51-B CAI installed

    Why did you go this route? I’ve never heard of this CAI and to me it doesnt look like it would flow better than the factory unit which flows very well. Your also losing the sealed airbox. I think you would draw more warm air with this setup. Did you tune for this? A change to the CAI would...