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  1. Florida New Stainless Works metal matrix 3" cats

    Stainless Works 3" metal matrix high flow cats. New never used. Retail for $249 each. Selling both for $350 plus shipping.
  2. Florida DW400 fuel pump and stock pump

    1 DW400 fuel pump with filter sock and wire harness used for 2k miles, $150. 1 stock 2020 Mustang GT fuel pump used for 4k miles $50.
  3. Florida Stainless Power longtube headers

    Stainless Power 1 7/8" longtube headers with 02 extensions. Fits 2015 to 2021, used for only 4k miles. $800 plus shipping.
  4. Florida Gen 3 900hp stage 2 Vortech kit with upgrades.

    Gen 3 stage 2 Vortech JT kit in black with upgraded bv57 valve and JLT intake with filterwear. Kit is complete, you just supply the tune. No excuses. Still under warranty with Vortech. Comes with ID1050 injectors with a boost a pump. Also a DW400 fuel pump is included already in the basket ready...
  5. Dragy times

    I found an old dragy post that died off so I thought I'd make a new one to see everyones latest results. Post up your 60 to 130 dragy times and mods.
  6. Florida Dw400 fuel pump complete in basket plus plug and play boost a pump

    Dw400 preinstalled in a complete 2020 basket ready to drop in, fits 15 thru 2021. Also vortech plug and play boost a pump. Both were only used for 700 miles. $500 for the set.
  7. Return fuel system using stock basket?

    Which companies offer kits that can reuse the factory basket? Id like to be able to run safely at 1/4 tank of fuel. So far I think it's just Radium and DW. Any others?
  8. Spark plugs for gen 3?

    I see the gen 3 uses a heat range 7 stock now same as the NGK 6510s that are very popular for the older boosted coyotes, NGK does not offer an 8 though. What plugs are people using on their gen 3s besides Brisk? Only other option I see is the Denso ITV24 but I don't hear about many using them.

    2020 Mustang GT PP1. This is a 300A base car. Factory options are PP1 $5199, active exhaust $895. A10 trans $1595. MSRP was $44,760. Car was purchased the day it was delivered to the dealer. No bodywork, no swirls marks, no dings, shows better then most new cars on the lot. The car has Vortech...
  10. 18+ factory ride height?

    Has anyone measured factory stock ride height on a 18+ PP1 car?
  11. FS new Borla touring catback

    ******* SOLD******** New in box Borla touring catback for gt models. $1000 plus shipping.
  12. FS new Borla touring catback

    New never installed Borla touring catback, figured I'd put it on here incase someone local wants it. $1000.
  13. Bmr cb005 cradle lockout kit and steeda alignment spacers.

    Both are used but in good condition, $120 plus shipping for everything.
  14. WTB Borla touring catback for gt

    Looking for the Borla touring catback only for gt.
  15. 2016 black gt stock spoiler

    In case anyone local needs one, I have it listed in the exterior section. $120.
  16. 2016 black gt spoiler

    Has one very small clearcoat chip that I can see about 1mm in size. $120 plus shipping.
  17. Looking for black ecoboost spoiler

    Looking for a take off spoiler from an ecoboost. The small rear lip spoiler, preferably in black.
  18. Corsa sport axle back

    Like new, used for 1 week. $650 plus shipping which is about $60 to $100, depending on location.
  19. Corsa sport axle back

    like new, used for just one week $650
  20. H&R 15mm billet wheel spacers

    H&r billet 15mm hubcentric wheels spacers with extended studs. These are very good quality, not like the cheap bolt on ones. I used them on the front of my 15 gt. $95 shipped