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  1. Mach 1 autox videos, local SCCA region

    2 dreary days of weather last weekend. Saturday run is 1st, Sunday is 2nd. Sorry about the wind noise in the first link, forgot my external mic. I need to work on placement of the mic, which was a new unit to me, going forward as the second link isn't great either.
  2. Mach 1 @ NCM. Miserably hot.

    Just back from NCM SCCA TT Nationals. HOT. REALLY HOT. my Mach 1 Handling Pack, -2.7 camber, on Goodyear Supercar 3 tires (the Cups 2's at 180TW aren't legal for Sport category). Ferodo DS1.11 front pads, Pagid RSL29 rear. Bonus footage includes Stan Whitney in his GT350 (also on Goodyears...
  3. Mach 1 Handling Pack autox/TT update

    Been a little while since I updated, and I've been pissing around with the car a fair bit, and for those that don't know as I've only posted in the Mach 1 section it's been a while since I've been in Mustang, since 2011 in fact but I ordered a Mach 1 Hanlding Pack to mess around with. Been to...
  4. It's been a decade but I have a Mustang again

    Lots of things have transpired over the last year especially, but as of yesterday I am the owner of a velocity blue Mach 1 with handling package. Number 1600. Unfortunately the splitter extension didn't show up, that's going to be shipped to me. But I ran down to Asheboro Ford in North Carolina...