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  1. Southern So Cal meet feeler

    Follow me on instagram @klumpikat. We do at least 1 cruise a month
  2. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    Please print yourself a copy of the itinerary:
  3. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    Super close now...KITT is getting detailed right now :) Rich could you shoot me your cell number please?
  4. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

  5. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    Our menu for dinner at Schooners on Saturday
  6. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    You may send payment for that now as our tours have been prepaid. PayPal 33 per person to [email protected] Thank you
  7. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    Woodland Hills is over 2 hours away from San Diego, so probably leaving here before 7 ;) . Shoot me a message that Thursday and we can arrange to meet up down here Friday morning. (If your initials are DH I just received payment for brunch, thank you ;) )
  8. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    SoCal folks are meeting in Woodland Hills to cruise to Pismo Beach for lunch. Should be arriving in Cambria around 3. We leave Cambria Monday morning. There are only a few of us from SD but we can cruise up to the first meet together.
  9. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    I’ve got you down Rich :)
  10. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    It’s July tomorrow. Reserve your Champagne Brunch on a boat seat and Hearst Castle Tour tickets now for Saturday’s pre-cruise activities (July 27). Sunday cruise (July 28): Email klumpikat @ gmail for more info.
  11. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    I announce it on Facebook and Instagram. If you have one of those please let me know
  12. Letter to FORD addressing ADM?

    Did just that and can confirm dealers who will sell the GT500 without ADM indeed exist :fingerscrossed:
  13. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2019****

    PLEASE NOTE: All information regarding RITS19 will be centrally located in this post. Please check in every now and then to ensure you don’t miss anything. Updated Date will only be changed if there is new/updated info regarding the activities. Feel free to post the flyer on social media...
  14. Perceptions of Middle-age Men in Mustangs

    There was a huge celebration for your purchase over there if I remember correctly?
  15. Perceptions of Middle-age Men in Mustangs

    You only get stares when you drive the Aston Martin because you are perceived as “out of reach”. Drive it only when you do not feel like socializing
  16. Perceptions of Middle-age Men in Mustangs

    I’m a middle aged female and never have this problem. Hehe Men of all ages love that a woman drives a Mustang to begin with. It’s funny when you guys clearly show surprise when we step out of our GT In seriousness, any woman who says this is jealous of you and probably drives an old Prius
  17. Who has the highest mileage S550?

    :crazy: Purchased Nov 2014
  18. Who has the highest mileage S550?

    You bump a 3-year old thread without answering the question?:inspect::crackup:
  19. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    Hey Daniel, can you post your other video too?
  20. How does your woman let you drive when she is in the car?

    Let’s put it this way: I have to hide the dashcam sd cards from my husband after hanging out with my Mustang friends. He dislikes riding with me when I am just passing people