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  1. Help with direction

    I'm running the hellion kit so I couldn't give a good opinion on any other kit. The hellion kit is great. Hit up beefcake and see what kind of deal he can work out. I'm only running mine at spring pressure which is about 7.5/ 8 lbs. I'm running factory pp1 wheels so 275/40r19 in the back. I've...
  2. Is the 5.0 designed for boost?

    Your preaching to the choir but it's falling on Def ears. Makes sense and would give Dodge a run for their money. I mean, fuck I can't even keep track of what every dodge trim stands for anymore.
  3. Transmission help

    You just use a feeler Guage between the flex plate, first disc and flywheel. But if you kept all the washers in the correct place then this should be a non issue.
  4. Help with direction

    There's a lot of "Ok" advice on this thread but let's go back to basics. Why are you so against boost? Even if your only building a show car boost will make you faster than most and look good under the hood for the shows. I run twins on my gt at low boost, smoke most cars (everything that has...
  5. Transmission help

    The note at the bottom of #8 is what I was referring to. My clearance was over .035" but apparently that's where it should have been. Not .020"- .025"
  6. Transmission help

    There are round shims (like washers on the studs) in between the flywheel and floater plate. Interesting your instructions don't mention checking the clearances between those. Mine did so I followed it and it was way our of their spec. I called lethal and they put me in touch with mcleod who...
  7. Transmission help

    Sounds like clutch drag on the lpx. I had the exact same symptoms at first too. Sometimes hard to go into first and reverse and dropping second was a pain at high rpm. My clutch wasn't shimmed properly at first. It's much better but my trans had to come our 3 times to get it there. Did you check...
  8. Help with direction

    Why do you think it's damaging the battery?
  9. Help with direction

    I used to put the old neon tubes on everything when I was young too. Hadn't done it to a car in a long time but my daughter loves all the lit up cars at car shows (and so do I) so I told myself I'd do it again to the mustang. I just made sure it was boosted first before I moved on to any ricey...
  10. Help with direction

    Damn straight! Just make sure you have the power to put the haters in their place!
  11. Suddenly stalling on warm/hot starts

    Yeah it's been crazy hot here lately too. When I re-did my set up I noticed it was pretty dry with in the hour but I let it sit over night anyway and by morning it's rock solid unless you break the bond free. One of these days I'll probably try to go to dual nozzles again and see if that was my...
  12. Suddenly stalling on warm/hot starts

    Are you using anything on the threaded connections? My snow kit came with this... It takes a while to dry though so I found it best to install all the threaded connections with this and let it sit over night before hooking everything else up.
  13. Suddenly stalling on warm/hot starts

    Make sure your nozzles and fittings are solid and not leaking. I was running a 10gph nozzle with no issues. I added a second 4gph nozzle and started having the same issue as you. I tested everything and couldn't find a leak but if I looked at my engine right after making a few hard runs I would...
  14. Are my wastegate springs big enough?

    I think rule of thumb with a 3 port solenoid is don't exceed twice spring pressure so if your seeing 5.5 then 11 is maxing out its efficiency. If you want to to go higher boost without starting at a higher spring pressure then the 4 port should help. I have heard the 4 port solenoid isn't as...
  15. 1st HPDE on my new LPX Clutch - 5 laps of kicking ass then clutch pedal goes to floor and stays there

    I had to drop my tranny 3 times to get my lpx-hd right so I feel your pain there. Worse part is it was because bad install advice from mcleod. Once I got it dialed in I loved it. I've got 20k miles on mine now. It handles 8k power shifts all day no problem.
  16. 1st HPDE on my new LPX Clutch - 5 laps of kicking ass then clutch pedal goes to floor and stays there

    Oem is the way I'd go. I see a lot more issues with the aftermarket ones but I'd definitely put a new one in if im already in there doing the clutch. Keep us posted on what the problem ends up being. I wouldn't think the lpx would fail on you that quick...
  17. Is the 5.0 designed for boost?

    I'll plus one this. I've beat the hell out of my mt82 and no issues at 73k miles. The last 25k of that is boosted. First 48k were tuned on e85. Car gets abused everyday since it wa a new. Yes Op, with a good tuner the car should drive like stock when your out of boost.
  18. Roush Phase 2 (installed by Ford) or Whipple Stage 2 (Installed by shop) on my 2021 GT Premium?

    If you don't drive it much or hard the nitto R2s are fine but they do wear quick. From personal experience, on the street the R2s wont hook any better than mp4s or indy500s unless you get them hot or get a larger size tire. If your building a mostly street car I'd pass on them. I hook just as...
  19. After a drain plug but I'm a bit confused.

    My fragile yellow plug has made it 73k miles at 4k oil change intervals. I purchased an extra in case of issues because of posts I had read on here but it's still sitting in the bag. On the other hand, I've had multiple aftermarket parts fail and cause issues in the last 4 years. Not so much...