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  1. Are there any good options for tighter fitting seats other than Recaros?

    Gain some weight.... works great! Another 40lbs and you'll be looking for bigger seats.
  2. $1,000+ a month for new vehicles: Car payments "look more like mortgage payments"

    I worked the last 25 years as an IT consultant, so I didn't have regular income. I had no choice but to pay for everything in cash, even my house. It certainly requires a lot of discipline and at times was really frustrating. But, I'm glad I did it now.
  3. Sooooo I put in an order for a 2023 BMW M3…..

    I had a couple BMWs (335i and 550i). They can both be made to perform extremely well with minor tweaks and better intercoolers. They were both excellent all around driver cars. But as mileage got up there, they got expensive. If I was younger and drove more, I would certainly consider buying...
  4. What do you miss not having in the Mustang?

    I'd like one of those, too. But, my wife would object.... or laugh! (I'm not sure which). Seriously, the only thing I miss is it is not very nimble... too big and heavy.
  5. Buying Cars Remotely

    OOPs, double post.
  6. Buying Cars Remotely

    I suggest BAT or Barret Jackson for collector cars. You can be reasonably sure you are getting a decent car and they will help arrange payment and shipping.
  7. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    Assuming this is not just a fantasy by the OP, the 67 GT350 and Hemi Cuda only make sense if you are a collector and have a controlled environment to store the car and drive it about 100 miles a year. By todays standards, they aren't much fun to drive, especially the Cuda. Those things cornered...
  8. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    There is a GT40 replica, which is a continuation model made by SuperFormance under license from Shelby. They are currently selling for around $140k. There was one at a recent local weekly show that highlighted exotics. I talked to the owner and got to look at the car pretty closely. It sure...
  9. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    I have been watching BAT for an Audi R8 Spyder or Porsche 991 turbo I can afford. Came close a few times, still waiting. But, those would definitely be my choices for $100k. If you have driven either, you would understand.
  10. So, Ford Authority says ‘24 Mustang “approaches” 500 hp!

    Ohh, my bad! I'm off by 10 hp across the board. But, still close to 500 hp.
  11. So, Ford Authority says ‘24 Mustang “approaches” 500 hp!

    My 2018 GT had 470hp and the Ford Performance pack bumped it to 489 with 91 octane tune. It was bumped to 496 with 93 octane tune... 91 is very uncommon around here. I don't think I noticed much if any difference, as it would mostly be felt at high rpms, which are impossible reach here...
  12. Who Let's Their Dog Sleep In The Bed?

    We have a 9 lb, 13 year old female Dachshund. She owns the place and lets you know it. She sleeps wherever she wants. She insists on being under the covers and up against a body.
  13. Procharged 5.0 Milky Coolant

    Especially when they drop ass while they are pulling you.
  14. Which looks better? (Three truck pictures - safe for family/work viewing)

    I voted for A, but I realize that may not be practical for providing foot space and engine space.
  15. Morimotos new S550 side by side tail light

    I disagree. Somebody in the marketing department gets an A. They got a customer to buy them. It's the product development department that gets the F.
  16. Traded up for a 2022 Mach-E

    If your tires get low on air, just trace for a 23 model! :like:
  17. Bad ford quality, Cars to replace my S550 GT

    I am a huge fan of BMW, Porsche and Mercedes. I usually buy these brands used, as the new car prices for the models I like all exceed $100k. BimmerDriver pretty much nailed it. The ergonomics and quality of these cars is just a lot better than Ford, or other domestics. But, they are not without...
  18. Head question(mind out of gutter :P)

    I'd check the stampings on the heads. The big valve heads (1.94 or 202) are worth fixing. The others aren't worth the expense. Find some cheap used ones.
  19. What's in your cup holder

    There are some cool ideas shown here! But, mine just contains dust. I did find a spider web in there a few weeks ago, but the spider left and never came back.
  20. Another Mustang incident...

    I vote for poorly written article.