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  1. Fun Cars and Coffee with a lot of Mustangs Bass Pro Shop Rancho Cucamonga every 3rd Saturday

    i just moved to the area will be nice to check this out even tho i dont have my mustang anymore
  2. car max appraisal

    Have you guys ever heard of car trackers ? They offer me 25k but I ever heard of them
  3. car max appraisal

    Hey long long ago you take it? I have a red GT premium 19373 miles. Navigation 20inch wheels
  4. car max appraisal

    I had my car at dealers all weekend... offers range from 20-24 that 24 was a “if we give you 24k will you take the truck home tonight “ type of offer Going to car max after work see how that goes..
  5. car max appraisal

    hey guys i have a 2015 GT premium that i need to get rid of just wondering if anyone on these great forums has taken mustang to car max recently or last few months to get a Appraisal for it just wondering and trying to get a idea of what to expect.. thanks
  6. looking to get my car wrapped suggestions

    hello mustang fam, looking to get my car wrapped very soon , dont have any clue where to get it done lol .. any one recommend a place to get it done in the LA area thanks
  7. Your Airride Source |Airlift Suspension | Aired out by PKAD Black Friday Sale

    its tax season so im interested in mustang goodies .. HMU ;)
  8. Vossen CV VWS Hybrid Forged VPS HC LC ML-R CG Concave Wheels | Authorized Dealer PKAD

    damn VFS-5 are f sick.. vossen always creating straight fire
  9. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    run in the sun edition =p
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I havent been here in a long time hope all doing well miss ya all =D
  11. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    I AM BACK!... well on the site lol, been a while since i been on here reading stuff... it be nice if ill be in cali some time for a ride maybe ill make it in time for these ... i miss hanging out with everyone
  12. so cal install of front facias/hood

    lim been away from this site for a while but now im back home to my mustang lim ooking for help on a good spot to buy and install a Roush Front Fascia Kit or the GT350 one and hood in the los angeles area
  13. SoCal Cruise: Lake Arrowhead & Big Bear Lake - May 20, 2016

    these always happen when im working crazy hours
  14. Aggressive Fitment Thread

  15. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    what color is that i like it (car)
  16. SPOTTED....Souther california

    i keep seeing a green? riced out mustang around the 405 (carson/torrance) with the back window cover by that accesory w/e its called lol