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  1. 15-17’ Ford performance pack 1 vs 2

    For me that switch made things better (on 91) but the knock was still there.
  2. 15-17’ Ford performance pack 1 vs 2

    G350 Intake manifold is not included in Power Pack 2. That's PP3. PP2 has an intake, gt350 throttle body and an adaptor to GT manifold.
  3. 15-17’ Ford performance pack 1 vs 2

    Good for you. I could hear it with windows down, something reflective on the side, like a wall, and then accelerate hard. In my case it was most typical around 3k rpms.
  4. 15-17’ Ford performance pack 1 vs 2

    Due to engine detonation I reinstalled pp2 several times and the result was very consistent. But every time there was some substantial period of time I drove on OEM tune until the next attempt. The only thing I might suggest would be - uninstall your pp and drive on OEM tune for some time, like...
  5. 15-17’ Ford performance pack 1 vs 2

    Did you start your pp2 install from OEM tune?
  6. 15-17’ Ford performance pack 1 vs 2

    I think there might be something wrong with your pp2 installation. I definitely liked mine, how it transforms the engine, and most of pp2 users at the forum like it. Two concerns people have is: - for some the engine detonates. So far noone came up with any reliable solution for the issue. I...
  7. 15-17’ Ford performance pack 1 vs 2

    I only have stage 2. I like it, but it also causes engine detonation, I removed it eventually. I believe stage 2 has higher redline, so they are not 100% identical. P.s. Now I wonder if I should try pp1. What if it does not detonate on my car.
  8. Shopping FP track handling pack for 15 GT PP

    Yeah I used to attend scca, UFO autos, american muscle series, lotus club.... An event every other week or so. These days I go to autoX once per year mostly to be sure I know my Mustang well and can control it. I also like to feel the potential. To be first you'd need to be a very pragmatic...
  9. Shopping FP track handling pack for 15 GT PP

    Yeah. I'll go to a couple auto crosses as is just to see the delta the tires gave me. Next I feel like my shocks lost some stiffness and I can just replace them with some adjustables (kinda manual magneride) or, invest a little more and get a track pack. This is why I collect its HPDE...
  10. Shopping FP track handling pack for 15 GT PP

    Thank you. Most of threads on track pack end up discussing visuals and "night and day" difference daily driving. And so I'm not sure if I should upgrade from PP (2017) or just replace shocks when it is time. I'd be interested in HPDE level of changes. I quickly realized that staggered was not...
  11. Shopping FP track handling pack for 15 GT PP

    Yeah, makes sense to start stock and just invest in seat time. Then at some point you'll understand what kind of a change the car needs.
  12. Shopping FP track handling pack for 15 GT PP

    Really curious how autoX handling changed before and after?
  13. LONG drive report...

    Yeah, half moon bay area is cool. I'd probably feel almost no difference east bay vs Las Vegas :) Sun burns cactuses here sometimes :) I've done several Bay Area - Santa Barbara round trips in my GT. 350 miles one way. 5 hours one way. My overall avg gas mileage climbs 19+ after the trip. I'd...
  14. Power pack 2 vs 3 detonation

    Sorry for bringing this topic up again, but I have this hypothesis that power pack 2 might be detonating at some cars due to defective OEM intake manifolds that let some air in due to cracks. I remember a topic here at the forum on this issue. My PP2 detonated no matter what I tried and at the...
  15. BBQ tick - another attempt to understand

    My 2nd block got the tick again after the oil change and I do not part with ceratec after getting the 3rd block. Went down to 100ml dosage (from latte to unfiltered beer oil look). Also switched to 5w30 and castrol magnatec (reportedly used in Europe as OEM oil where no tick was known as US scale).
  16. Varitune vs Varex - review

    This switch is not subtle. I've seen a youtube videoof someone using a usual switch ... You just need to know how to connect one. But remote is honestly just fine.
  17. Varitune vs Varex - review

    What kind of a switch are you talking about? I'd prefer a switch ta remote.
  18. Varitune vs Varex - review

    Depends on whether whatever you bought includes bluetooth/gps etc or not. I got just pipes and a remote functionality initially. Not sure how they package this these days.
  19. BBQ tick - another attempt to understand

    Two things no one can explain about coyote V8 - Why some cars have BBQ tick and some do not - Why some power pack'd card do not detonate with 91 fuel, but some do even with 93. P.S. and I got to experience both issues.