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  1. Got a wrench and engine light

    Got a wrench light, car lose power to almost none, paddle shifts went delayed on timing and then the engine light. Pulled over and called tow truck. Wrench went away. Saw a battery light for a little bit. Got to the dealer and all lights were gone. Was able to drive home with zero issues...
  2. Why should I get an extended warranty?

    All, Hitting 3 years this December. I'm putting less than 5k miles a year on her and plan to get it down to 3-4K by skipping car meetups. I will have less than 40K after 8 years if it continues. I don't track. I don't see a lot of issues so far as I did with the 350. Should I fork over 1K...
  3. Shelby GT500 Floor Mats

    Damn! The 50 available sets on the Shelby site sold out in an hour yesterday. I'm too slow. I'm still rocking the 350 mats in memory of. I know the 500 mats add about 5HP, so will keep trying.
  4. Track Ready GT350 (2016) Heading to Trial

    I do not see this on the news page or in the top threads. #slackers Will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  5. Oil Filter Shortage?

    Dropped the 500 off for oil change today and they call me 3 hours later saying there is national shortage on oil filters. Where is everyone ordering theirs? Any good off-brands?
  6. Ford Vs. Dodge vs. Chev. Feb Incentives

    Ford is way behind, but I see the market softening. Feb. 2022 forecast for incentives. When it comes to leases, the 2021 Ford Expedition and F-150 will likely offer OK value. The worst lease deals are probably going to be on the 2022 Ford Escape and 2021 Mustang, you'll want to stay away...
  7. Skip the Auto Show this Year

    Went to my local DC Auto Show and it was mostly lame. Saw the new Z06, but no touching. Most cars had 2-3 of the same one. No luxury brands what so ever. No Jeep drive. Ford had a Mustang GT and Mach 1. No Ford GT and no Mach-E GT. The best part was the classics.
  8. Thoughts on S650 sliding to March 2023

    I'm still not use to MY (2023?) falling in actual calendar year. We would usually see cars in late summer the year before. I guess it makes sense with the manufactured shortages. 14 months away and no teasers? How things are going, could be MY24, but who knows. What are your plans? V8...