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  1. Insurance.

    Just wondering all you guys with modified Mustangs, who do you insure with and what does it cost? Hope that’s not too personal.
  2. SM Bullitt

    That is REAL $s folks!
  3. Mustang Tune.

    Everyone looks to Supercharging for performance upgrade but wondering who has had their GT tuned or better still any Bullitts been tuned. If yes would you mind elaborating on result? Thanks
  4. Best stone guards

    Getting a lot of stone chips in front of rear wheels. Should I go with solid guards or film?
  5. Seat Trimming

    Have been thinking of re-trimming the front seats in my Bullitt to lift the interior a bit above the ordinary with maybe an upscale stitching pattern or perhaps some contrast colour leather inserts. But the trimmer I spoke to advised that because the seats are ventilated (heated & cooled), they...
  6. Reflector lights.

    Am I seeing this right, the US cars have lights under the bumpers where we only have reflectors?
  7. Cars and Watches

  8. Limited driving options

    Being locked down so severely in Melbourne, there are now very limited opportunities to drive my car. So my question is: how bad is it for the engine and exhaust system to only drive to the shops and back as the car does not even warm up enough to reach its proper operating temperature and then...
  9. Manual Shifter

    Based on many reviews on line I changed my transmission fluid to BG Syncroshift 2. Not really sure it made much difference to the shifting feel of the MT82-D4 gearbox on my Bullitt, so wondering now if anyone has installed the Steeda Triax STREET shift lever, not the full race mechanism? Also...
  10. Now that is a surprise! No.8.
  11. Track day at Sandown

    Sunday funday.
  12. 6 speed manual.

    Has anyone driven both a Bullitt and Mach 1 manual and so able to compare the gearboxes?
  13. Outside Temperature Display

    My outside temp display takes a very long time to show the correct outside air temperature regardless of what the actual temperature is. Can be a heatwave outside but my temperature display will show a much lower temperature and it can take more than an hour to correct. Anyone else have similar...
  14. Outside Temperature Display

    Anyone else's temp gouge take forever to show the correct outside temp? It can be a heat wave outside and my temp gauge will still show the temp of when it was in the garage. Eventually, sometimes over an hour later it will correct. Ford already replaced the thermostat once but now they say ti...
  15. Brembo replacement Low dusting brake pads

    Looking to replace the OEM pads on the Bullitt with pads that don’t dust so much. Any recommendations.? Thanks
  16. Bullitt Interior Mods

    Finished my interior mods. Steering wheel, center arm rest & floor mats. Cheers
  17. Oil Catch Cans

    Hi all. Have been reading a bit about how direct injection engines like our 5L Coyote should have an oil catch can. So... my questions are these, 1. why would Ford not have one if it is needed to protect the engines as surely they would know, 2. as I would think most Mustangs out there don't...

    Hi All,. The outside air temp display on my Bullitt is slow to respond to the change in the outside air temp, maybe 1/2 hour or even more before it responds. It may start out accurate in the morning but as the day warms up, the sensor dose not change but then suddenly after a long time it...

    Somewhere at the back of my mind I seem to recall reading that the 2019 Bullitt would come with a short shift to go with the manual gearbox and white shift knob. Was I dreaming or does it have a short shift. Certainly my shift is VERY tight and quite short?