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  1. 2020 GT350 on Carvana

    $73,590 with 1,265 miles. Odd, but appears tires were replaced as part of Carvana inspection.
  2. Oil Separators

    I imagine others have been here before, but I thought I would add my $.02. I purchased my '18 GT350R with about 9K on its Gen I voodoo. I do some occasional tracking, but before my 1st event with the R, I installed the FPP oil separators on both sides. A reasonably easy install, but I learned...
  3. 2021 GT500

    My local dealer has an Antimatter Blue 2021 GT500 coming in. They are asking $20K over list (list = $74K incl delivery, NO OPTIONS). $94K for a car with no options seems crazy to me, but whadda I know. What are others seeing on these cars?
  4. 2018 R Strut Mounts/Camber Plates

    Question about my new-to-me 2018 GT350R. The previous owner put on front Ground Control camber plates. Whatever he took off got lost in the shuffle. If (big IF) I want to put the car back to stock, what do I need? I've read about the dealer-installed kits for the 2019+, but don't see...