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  1. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    I think we have similar set-ups . LTHs , E85 and 4.09s. all together make for a really fun N/A steet car.
  2. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    Don't hold me to this , but i think i read somewhere that with the difference in transmission gearing that a 2018 up with 4.56s is comparable with the 2015 - 2017 with 3.73s
  3. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    I still think it was worth it , as far as a sotp feel , I'd still recommend it to anybody say before doing long tube headers.
  4. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    ... as I've posted before on this subject , same here bud but it does pull much harder in 3rd at 3000 rpm than the 3.55s did for me.
  5. Byepolr Performace

    hey anybody in the Detroit area know much about them ?? I have a friend interested in a car they built and told him I'd try to find some info on the place. Thanks !!!
  6. Should I lower on black accent pkg wheels?

    It's spot on flush.. I used the cj pony parts Accelatech lowering springs and their wheel spacers .
  7. Should I lower on black accent pkg wheels?

    This is lowered with 25mm spacers.
  8. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    1st and 2nd gear won't be as crazy as you'd think it would be. To me where it really shines is the pull in 3rd from 3k and up.
  9. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    you should be good to go after tune update.
  10. Tennessee Solo performance axle back .. Free come pick it up

    Be on the look out for future posts , I was just talking to them today , and even though they don't sell it , they are going to make an h pipe for me that will bolt directly with their catback.
  11. Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30, $23.97 from + $25 Rebate

    this is what Hennessey Performance uses in their Gt350 / GT350r packages HPE850 SUPERCHARGED 5.2L V8 VOODOO ENGINE UPGRADE: • 3.0L Supercharger System • High-Flow Throttle Body • High-Flow Fuel Injectors • High-Flow Heat Exchanger • High-Flow Air Induction System • Chassis Dyno Calibration &...
  12. Tennessee Solo performance axle back .. Free come pick it up

    Hey guys have had these laying in the garage. They were originally polished tips that I painted black , they probably could be stripped and polished or could use another coat of black. I liked these so much I bought the catback with both x pipes. They have no drone and are perfect for somebody...
  13. Misfire/Hesitation Codes P0300 P0301 P0316

    If the exhaust on bank 2 is warm and bank 1 is cool after Idling for a bit. it could be the exhaust vct solenoid.
  14. Debating headers

    If I had to do it over again , i may not have went long tubes ( not for any issues other than exhaust note has been harder to get to my liking ). Can't go wrong with the AWE catback. Are you or can you go E85 in your area ?? The 4.09 gears and e85 PBD tune were my favorite and best investments.
  15. Is there seriously no engine cover options for a Gen3 Coyote? ...

    Yep :) .. but I still like it better than looking at the starship enterprise.
  16. car turned off on the highway today

    Actually that has happened to me a few times on my e85 tune but never on my 93 tune
  17. Tennessee Niche m203 vosso nitto nto5

    To be honest i'd really like to get the asking price i only had the wheels on from March to October last year. When I put my winter wheels on I think i liked the way my 19s fit my car better and kinda what to get a drag package also. i understang you are investing more money if you come get them...