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  1. T56 Swap input shaft sensor

    Hi all My mechanic is working on installing my T56 Magnum XL swap into my '16 GT He's looking for a solution for the below "So just ran into an issue with the input shaft sensor. The one in this transmission is a 2 wire. The one in the MT82 is a 3 wire. So I’m looking into how to solve...
  2. Canada - Ontario WTB Built MT82 or T56

    Before I purchase new.. wondering if anyone has anything I can buy? TR6060, Stage 3 MT82, or T56 Magnum Lmk
  3. Hellion sleeper built block

    I'll pass this info onto my mechanic as well. Thank you I'm just nervous as I'm a lot of money in, esp with this new block, tt kit, all the other goodies don't want it to go to shit like my last block. But all in all, Both my mechanic and PBD are very great to deal with. But sometimes going...
  4. Hellion sleeper built block

    Nope PBD said " its not fat at all the short terms are less than 6% besides its CLOSED loop fuel control it can never target anything but 1.0 lambda at idle anyway check the BOV If BOV are stuck closed at idle it artificially rides the maf curve up causing it to over fuel and stall. Make...
  5. Hellion sleeper built block

    So my car is relatively complete.. I got a built bottom end and a hellion sleeper tt kit with 62mm pte ball bearing turbos, 4in1 headers, id1050x Sai Li fuel system. Only going to run pump 93, maybe meth. I am working with PBD, but the block has no miles on it, it starts up, idles, BOV is open...
  6. 5 gen whipple vac leak

    Do a smoke test
  7. GT Clear Taillights NEW (SoCal)

    Willing to ship?
  8. Outside of North America EU rear tail light against your US rear tail light.

    I mean technically speaking you're not allowed to modify your car in Canada too. There's a ticket for everything like tints, exhaust, etc. You can get your car impounded for performance mods.. But I guess thats the price you pay on top of the price of the mods
  9. California FS: S550 Euro Taillights (Clear) - @s550euros

    I'm also interested if they are still available
  10. Broken rings - which route

    Just gave them a call.. Looks like I'm getting a shortblock from RPG. Good call on this you just saved me some money and prob getting a better block as well. Cheers to you
  11. Broken rings - which route

    I kind of found a way how to get stuff across for cheap with minimal tax... Sssh though lol I just bought a supercharger, new wheels, tires ! Also got my carbon fiber see thru hood waiting to be put on after I get this engine built and whipple ontop
  12. Broken rings - which route

    Can't I just use stock heads? car will be a street build on 93. Prob won't push past 750-800whp with meth Thats what I planned atleast.. Let me know otherwise, I'm not the most tech savvy when it comes to engine building mechanics/materials
  13. Broken rings - which route

    Can't I just buy this instead?
  14. Broken rings - which route

    Works out to around 3700$ USD Honestly these guys seem to be my best bet. I also have the route of getting a whole new engine for 7200$ USD installed by a Ford dealer. Not sure what to do
  15. Broken rings - which route

    Already converted haha, they wanted 15K cad I got a new shop to quote me. The first guy was a douche, I asked him for the part list and why the price is what it is and he told me "I dont give out part list, if you want to get it done this is how much it'll cost and it'll support your build"...
  16. Broken rings - which route

    Just quoted me over the phone. He said it may go over Maybe hes gold plating my engine.. Who knows I'm going to reach out to another builder just down the street from me. I'll post that proposal I'll be sitting on a Whipple soon and a bunch of other parts.. Got a full build coming just need...
  17. Broken rings - which route

    Wow this thread really turned into something else LOL In other news.. My engine re-builder quoted me $11,000 for a rebuild using the stock block I think that's way too much I am finally going to get this going.. Got a good build coming along but need advice on the rebuild. I am not the most...
  18. Engine randomly shuts off

    Think it has something to do with the tune, I posted this when I was stock and when I got the car tuned it never happened again