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  1. Tesla Model Y and “Mustang” Mach E comparison

    I’ll think I’d take the Tesla tbh (keeping my Mustang obviously ).
  2. S550 GT Nickel Lustre "Custom Pack" wheels and tyres

    For sale, the original wheels off my S550. Done approx. 12,000 miles. Original P zeros on the fronts with surprisingly good tread and no signs of cracking. Nearly new (a few hundred miles tops) PS4S's on the rears. £650 the set. Happy to split - 2 rears £400 pair; fronts £125 each. Couple...
  3. Coplus Sequential Front Indicators (Turn Signals) for EU/UK 2015-17 Ford Mustang GT & 2.3

    What it says in the title and shown in the pictures. New unused, original boxed. I think they are the smoked version. Plug and play. Got when Gibbo was selling them through Overclockers, now available from J-W Racing. I've gone with a straight LED replacement instead. Free postage for...
  4. Locking nut key

    Anyone had any luck getting a replacement for the ‘stock’ McGard key? The original appears to be made of cheese. The codes aren’t recognised by the European (German) site, and the US site is down. I only want them off so I can get rid.
  5. OBD alternative to hardwired dashcam

    Anyone used one of these?
  6. Sales bollocks

    Apparently there'll be a bloke from Flat Rock in Swindon next weekend. :cwl: Where do they get their sales ideas from? The Apprentice?!
  7. No drill spoilers

    Thinking of fitting one. The advantage is obvious, but so is the disadvantage. Anybody had any problems with no drill spoilers?
  8. Michelin offer

    … is on again Promo UK 2019&utm_source=force24&utm_medium=email&utm_content=textlink&f24_pid=5d3c472b-3380-4c2d-906a-38b40f3ceab
  9. Convertible cap replacement

    Anybody on here had their convertible 'tonneau' caps replaced? Early ones apparently are prone to cutting the hood. Another one of Ford's 'need to know' non-recalls.
  10. Deck lid fibres?

    Anyone else get fibres sticking on their decklid? I'm guessing its from the exhaust; sticking due to static. Had it with the stock exhaust, never with the Magnaflow, and now with the Borla.
  11. 100 quid back on 4 Michelins
  12. GT101 Open Day Mk III

    I made it at the third attempt. What a brilliant morning and the best excuse for 210 mile round trip. Had to drag my car away as it wanted to stay. Some pics. Great people, great cars, great coffee. Thanks.
  13. Oil cooler solution

    With two more oil cooler failures noted on other forums this week (so probably a fraction of the total failing) has anyone identified a reliable aftermarket solution? I’m 10 months off warranty run out and want a long term fix.
  14. Challengers Motoring Event 2018 – Sunday 13th May 2018

    I did this last year, and am signed up again. Tulip diagram route book, easy to follow and a visit to an unbelievable private motor collection at the end. All in a good cause. The Challengers Motoring Event 2018 welcomes all vintage, classic or specialist cars to join us on a bespoke route...
  15. What Car review

    Not much of a review tbh, but here it is.
  16. You say tomato..............

    Ford have a TV commercial for the 'new' Ecosport. Pronounced, apparently, 'Echosport' (or Ekkosport :shrug: ). Which obviously begs the question. Have we been pronouncing Ecoboost wrong? Or was it just me anyway?
  17. Bullitt

    So, how do I get a set of these wheels; without actually buying a Bullitt?
  18. MagnaFlow Street Cat Back for GT

    SOLD!!! For sale, my Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 2015-17 MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust model 19100 3" with clamps. Approx. 1 year, 5000 miles old. £500 ono, buyer collects, or we can meet. I'm in Surrey.
  19. Michelin PS4S info

    Has anybody looked up their code (see sticker on the drivers door reveal) and found any info recorded about the vehicle or their ownership details? Finally got round to checking mine today and it just says "This is a valid Retainagroup etch code. This code is not yet registered to a vehicle...