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  1. Installed a new set of Pilot Sport 4S on GT350R - completely lost that "sharp" feeling. Car does not feel stable anymore

    The dealer where I bought my used '18 R thought the Cups were worn out, so he replaced them with new 4S before I bought it. It is recommended to run the Cups at 28psi on the track, so I run the same with the 4S. I also have Ground Control camber plates in the front and Steeda camber arms in...
  2. B&O Sound system vs Shaker

    I followed a forum post and just upgraded the door and shelf speakers (and the center). Made a very big difference. It went from fart-like to pretty decent, but still lacking for bass. You can get some of it with the built-in EQ, but it will clip with too much. Doing a sub would be my next...
  3. GT350 Owners Supplement and Filter Wrench locater database

    The VIN/chassis number is also on the cert that's in the kit.
  4. Chapman Ford experience

    My own experience with service for these cars shows that many dealers have no knowledge of Shelbys. I have the Ford maintenance plan and scheduled an oil change for my 350R, sat there an hour and they came back and said they didn't have a filter for it, and it would be 6 months before they...
  5. Shopping for GT350R

    Ditto on the sound system. I think the AM radio in my '68 coupe was better. I know we don't buy these for the sound system, but my tunes go everywhere with me.
  6. Is anyone else in northern climates just getting their S550 out of hibernation? How does it feel?

    Just got back to NH from a week in Jamaica (the country, not Jamaica, NY). Chilly, but dry on landing. Woke up this morning with 2" of fresh powder. It's like ground hog day. Another week of storage.
  7. Cordless Impact driver

    Milwaukee 2767 1/2". Have to be a little careful. If you've got a nut that is cross threaded or rusted tight, this can twist the stud off. And always hand tighten/torque. This goes to the track with me.
  8. Ford did it again. Eruption green. Good grief, looking at ordering another M1!

    I have '18 R and no experience with auto Mustang except my old '68, which doesn't really count. I have other cars with auto that I have tracked, and offer generic comments: - The SL63 AMG has 'sport +' mode, which can be quite aggressive, and I really like it most of the time. The problem is...
  9. Cleaning your undercarriage ( don't laugh)

    I use one of those gutter cleaner attachments with the adjustable head. Good pressure without blowing things apart.
  10. How my 2016 GT350 Engine Failed

    The Glen will do that. I've been to every track in the northeast, and for average speed + plus top speed, nothing else comes close. Just got an '18 R last year, still deciding whether to take it there.
  11. Unreasonable Dealer Markups

    The important word is 'unreasonable'. Who decides what a 'reasonable' mark-up is?
  12. Songs you love to drive to.

    All my cars have the same thumb drive with all my music, from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. Depends on my mood. Usually leave it in random-mode, with 'next' button handy to avoid buzz-kill. But....coming home from a HPDE event, Led Zep and Allman Bros, rattling the windows. A good way to decompress.
  13. So a stock GT350/GT350R is too loud for Florida? Wtf?

    AFAIK, there are only 2 settings - normal and loud, regardless of how you get there.
  14. So a stock GT350/GT350R is too loud for Florida? Wtf?

    From the owner's manual: Note: The Track Exhaust Mode setting is only for use at tracks and not for use on public roadways. Use of this setting results in increased exterior noise, which may not meet state and local laws and regulations. It is the obligation of the driver to operate the vehicle...
  15. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    Have you posted the same question on a Porsche forum? If not, why not? (think about it)
  16. GT 500 and Quick Jack

    Exactly. :thumbsup:
  17. GT 500 and Quick Jack

    I'm looking at doing a 4-post lift. Can use it to store 2 cars when needed, and with rolling bridge jack, can still lift the wheels off the ramps for tire/brake work. More expensive than a quick jack, but serves 2 different purposes. Of course, you have to have the ceiling height for it.
  18. 2020 GT350 on Carvana

    I'm thinking tire goo. I bought an SLK55 AMG from Carvana earlier this year, and their inspection was pretty thorough/correct.
  19. 2020 GT350 on Carvana

    $73,590 with 1,265 miles. Odd, but appears tires were replaced as part of Carvana inspection.
  20. Life After The GT350R?

    Macmulkin here in NH is #2 Corvette dealer in the world. I'm learning as I go, but when you order, the price is MSRP, + $400 for paperwork. The $2k deposit gets you on their list to order (since Z06 is not yet in production). At some point, they will begin to get allocation, and I will need...