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  1. Illinois Steeda Front and Rear Adjustable End Links

    Up for sale are very very lightly used front and rear Steeda adjustable Endlinks. $190 OBO shipped.
  2. Sway bar install help needed.

    Installing my front Steeda sway bar and running into an issue. Sway bar is installed in the factory orientation, with the ends pointed up. The swaybar mounts have been torqued to 76 foot pounds of torque. The sway bar endlinks have been torqued to 85 foot pounds of torque. The swaybar has been...
  3. Guardian Designs Steering Wheel

    Shout out to @GuardianDesigns for coming through with my new steering wheel. Quality and fitment are top notch! Highly recommend for those in the market for a new wheel.
  4. Illinois Custom carbon fiber steering wheel

    Up for grabs is a custom carbon fiber steering wheel from my 2019 GT. This wheel was custom ordered through Vivid Racing for $1300. It has silver carbon fiber with red leather and sports a much larger wheel thickness than the factory one. The quality of the wheel is top notch. The wheel is...
  5. Steeda G-Trac extreme contacts header.

    First off yes I’ve engaged Steeda, they have been wonderful trying to help resolve the issue. What’s the issue? When installing the bracing the passenger side is making contact with the header which is subsequently making the front passenger mounting hole off-center by about 1/4” or so. This...
  6. Fuel Trim questions

    I am currently running a Lund flex fuel tune and it seems like every 3-4th fill up of E85 I have to do a KAM reset in order to get my LTFT to come back to earth. My STFT always seems to hover between -2 and 0. My LTFTs are usually around the same but every few fill ups the LT gets up to -9% or...
  7. Anyone running LTH brand LTHs?

    Confusing title yes. **Unboxing update on post 20*** **Install update on post 23** Curious if anyone out there is running a set of Long Tube Headers (that’s the company name) headers? I just ordered a set from beefcake and from what I saw here...
  8. Illinois WTB GT350, Beith, etc. steering wheel

    Looking for a GT350, Beith or similar aftermarket steering wheel for a 2019 Mustang GT.
  9. Illinois Wanted - 2018+ GT350 or custom steering wheel

    Looking for a GT350 or similar aftermarket steering wheel for a 2018+ Mustang GT.
  10. Random check from Ford, 9 months after purchase??

    Anyone else experience this? I received a $750 check from my Ford dealer today (it’s a legit check not a marketing ploy) that stated I qualified for an additional rebate from my mustang purchase. My bank accepted and deposited the check without question. I was provided zero information on...
  11. MMD Lip, RTR skirt extensions, ZL1 wicker bill

    Exterior is slowly coming along with the additions this weekend. Next up, suspension to fix the monster truck stance and some lighter wheels.
  12. FYI switching from E85R to Flex for winter

    Good day everyone. Just wanted to pass a long a bit of info as colder weather approaches many of us for the winter and some may be transitioning off E85.. I have been running Lunds E85R tune for the last few months and currently have a 1/2 tank of E85 bottle tested at E80. I wanted to swap to...
  13. ZL1 Addons Wicker Bill

    Did a few upgrades to the rear of the car today. Tossed on a ZL1 Addons Wicker Bill and Roush diffuser foil. Overall very pleased with the outcome. Had an issue with a few of the rivnuts that came with the wicker bill but I removed them and tossed in slightly bigger ones that worked out very well.
  14. Back to the dark side

    Well, after a few years of being out of a mustang and sitting behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S, I grew bored. A change in jobs eliminated my daily 130 mile round trip commute into the city and a tolerant wife was on board with me getting more smiles per hour. I found a local 19 GT PP1 with...
  15. Fair deal?

    Shopping a 2019 GT premium, level 1 track pack, leather recaros , 401A package, active exhaust, safe and smart package, B&O sound, over the top stripe. MSRP 51,505 currently have them at 45000 + the 0% financing. Thoughts?
  16. Ceramic coating = wow

    This week I had my car dropped off at Rush Group detailing in St. Charles IL to have them apply Gtechniq Crystal Serum ceramic coating to my mustang. A paint correction was done as required prior to the coating going on. I bring all of my cars to Rush Group even though they are nearly 2 hours...
  17. Anyone use GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum?

    Just curious is anyone has had this treatment done to their vehicle? My car is heading to the detailer to have this done and I will be sure to post pictures and feedback once it's completed. It will take a few days start to finish. Here is a video for those who are not familiar with the product...
  18. Well, I'm certainly an idiot. Need advice.

    So every now and then you come across a thread and you think "how is this person really so stupid?" Unfortunately today I am that person. I swapped my new 170* Tstat in the car this evening and before calling it good I decided to rinse off the coolant that had spilt. Now here comes the idiot...
  19. DTC P0315 after loading tune?

    I loaded my Livernois tune today and on initial start up I had a check engine light with DTC P0315 which relates to crank shaft position sensor relearn or something and it will not clear. I have reached out to Livernois and I am awaiting their response however if anyone has any guidance it'd be...
  20. Any catless LTs that don't have issues with E85?

    I am looking to pick up some long tubes and I continue to see individuals with 02 issues when running E85. I prefer not to reposition my 02s to alleviate the issue. Have any of you ran catless long tubes on E85 for several thousand miles with out issue? If so what brand are you running?