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  1. 2015 Limited Edition #483 - Only 481 Miles - Wimbledon White - AT - in Spokane, WA

    This car would sell at maybe 32-34k. Price is set by the market unfortunately
  2. 2015 MUSTANG GT PREMIUM--$31,250.00

    if you can get a trade price of 31k you better take
  3. First 2018 Mustang GT 10's N/A stock exhaust and pump gaz!!!

    wow that mph is really high lol good pass. have you guys ever measured the track or ran your own timing? 4-5mph higher than average cars is a big difference.
  4. Stuck on Manifold choice Sniper vs. 302

    It can be quite a small leak. You will only throw codes at 25% swings which are huge. Anything over 5% consistently is an issue IMHO Didn't you have this issue pre-BOSS? I would try to borrow a smoke machine
  5. Stuck on Manifold choice Sniper vs. 302

    Unfortunately no but I was pretty intimate with that car. Midrange gains is what I felt and soft
  6. Stuck on Manifold choice Sniper vs. 302

    I have some videos of my car on the 3.6" making 11-12psi and the 3.33" capped at 11.6psi. It was a different type of feeling. The car felt faster on shifts with stock converter cause the rpm dip but felt soft up top. You get the IATs of someone running 15-17psi but only power from 11.6 or...
  7. Stuck on Manifold choice Sniper vs. 302

    Yeah see my edit I didn't read the whole thread. My friend who bought mY setup I put together is selling it to go back to pulley regulated boost
  8. Stuck on Manifold choice Sniper vs. 302

    Are all of your lines hooked up correctly? Check log for irmc activity. Also check for belt slip around the blower and boost to 7500 You could be over spinning the blower and driving up IAT's. Edit: saw you had the BOSS on...IRMC are out of equation. I would check intake temps and if it's...
  9. New PB For My S550

    Glad to see she's treating you well and giving some good mph
  10. Fast times without stall

    I went [email protected] with stock converter full weight with a Paxton
  11. Beef Special is on the menu!!!

    Get a green belt
  12. Snapped crank: Stage 2 Procharger

    There have been several crank snapping Prochargers. The tension pulling perpindicular to the crank wears on the crank/cranksprocket area and compound that with 6-8k rpm...snap No your Paxton won't do that!!!!
  13. Roll racing 6r80 question

    Paddle to your gear and bump to D as said above
  14. Procharger doing work!!!!

    Granted this was on a 3.33" pulley so it hit hard lol
  15. Procharger doing work!!!!

    [ame] Here is me at 3500 stock converter vs a VMP Gen II GT500 on E85 with less weight and more power
  16. Sct datalog paxton questions

    I went [email protected] with axleback, 3.8" pulley, bmr springs and 93 octane. No other mods
  17. Procharger doing work!!!!

    Whipple and a centri is going to have similar torque numbers and a similar curve as well on a 3500-7000rpm dyno pull. The Whipple just makes a difference under 3500 but most people wouldn't want to be making boost down there for the poor rods sake
  18. Procharger doing work!!!!

    he opened the can of worms lol
  19. Procharger doing work!!!!

    Hit like 479rwtq? lol centri makes 100+ftlbs more than that and my turbo coyote makes 250+rwtq more than that too. Enjoy having the ugliest blower with the worst performance. Tuned and done by a company who can't even build a thermostat :shrug:
  20. Sct datalog paxton questions

    Total spark represents timing added or pulled so don't worry about adding. 93 octane I'd like to see 16* on a street tune and 18* on a track tune E85 I'd like 20* street and 22* on the track