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  1. Borla S Type Axle back - Black tips (SOLD)

    It's well worth you joining Simply Mustangs UK , SMUK, just apply for membership and send a picture of your Mustang and you will get a response within hours. They are a fantastic car club with over 1500 members and a very active social scene. I've already passed on your advertisement to a guy...
  2. Borla S Type Axle back - Black tips (SOLD)

    Put them up on the SMUK for sale/wanted Facebook site and I'm sure they will be snapped up. I have them on my car and they are amazing. I know there's at least one guy on there in the process of making up his mind over which axlebacks to choose.
  3. Roush Axle Back in Essex or South East

    I would agree with Enoch, they are a bargain and not as raspy as the Roush.
  4. Selling my 5.0 GT :(

    I disagree entirely, lots of car sales action on there and the best advice from members and it's free so nothing to lose in addition to trying other platforms.
  5. Selling my 5.0 GT :(

    Try the Facebook group, Simply Mustangs UK For sale/wanted, it has massive coverage of the best enthusiasts club on Facebook.
  6. Exhaust Mods...what did you fit and why ?

    Borla systems are guaranteed no drone, I can vouch for that and loudness is subjective. Get along to some meets, particularly SMUK and you will find all sorts of combinations to listen to and choose.
  7. Exhaust Mods...what did you fit and why ?

    Essentially what you describe although done in stages. First resonator replaced by x-pipe from a Borla cat back, it added volume but lost some nice tones. Then purchased Borla S type axleback so essentially now a Borla S type catback, sounds amazing. From what I've listened to it's less raspy...
  8. Gap insurance

    If you insure through a decent company it will cover vehicle replacement new for old. I'm with NFU and they cover the first two years with complete replacement and it only cost £200 in addition to my BMW.
  9. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Just gets better and better
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone

    The best mod for a Mustang I've seen on this forum
  11. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all fellow Mustangeers..!

    Omg, for a second there I thought that said Strap On
  12. Ceramic Coatings - when to renew?

    I had Gtecniq crystal Serum light plus Exo applied when new and once registered has a 5 year guarantee, there is also a 7 year guarantee product. I was reminded direct from Gtecniq when the annual inspection was due and booked it in with my detailer. He went through all stages of...

    There's a well known phrase about a bird in the hand :)

    Hard to see the value in this unless it means something deeply personal in which case it wouldn't impress anyone else. There are still over 1000 V8 plates available from DVLA for under £400, amazing value although I accept only useful for 1999 cars onwards.
  15. Some issues

    I've seen a similar post about a rattle from another guy on here and neither he nor the dealer could find it. So when he loosened the wheel arch liner to do something out dropped a small pebble. When driving home from the Nemesis event on Saturday I developed a severe rattle seemingly coming...
  16. Nemesis Meet 14/10 - who's cruising in?

    We've got Jason, Shep's. JRD, Ben Johnson, Reuben etc. I need to check exact location and timing with Jason on Friday
  17. Nemesis Meet 14/10 - who's cruising in?

    Yes for M5 northbound like me to meet up with those westbound from Cotswolds
  18. Nemesis Meet 14/10 - who's cruising in?

    There are a number of us from Simply Mustangs UK meeting up at junction 11 M5 for the cruise up to Droitwich. Not sure of meeting time but I can post it up when confirmed.
  19. Nemesis Meet 14/10 - who's cruising in?

    That still leaves a 30 Mile cruise if we can synchronise it.
  20. Nemesis Meet 14/10 - who's cruising in?

    Straight up the M5 from junction 21 for me, is anyone headed the same direction?