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  1. help identify this mustang

    It's not a bad motor but the exhaust note is awful.
  2. I don't know if my car is actually starting in quiet mode...

    Me too. I thought it was a term of endearment.
  3. CARB E.O.# D-418-34 For 2018-2020 Mustangs w/Roush Phase 1 and 2

    I think it says that if it's installed on a new vehicle prior to purchase it's not CARB legal.
  4. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    That's a great price. Shipping is almost the same as the exhaust lol. Was a good idea just getting the mufflers.
  5. What is this?

    Looks like some kind of vibration damper.
  6. How to clean my convertible top?

    This stuff works great with a soft brush.
  7. Anyone with a 2018+ gt with a remote oil filter have 2k-3k RPM tick?

    The tick spans 3 generations of Coyote engines. Isn't the electronic oil bypass on 18+ Coyotes? Or is OP referring to the 2K rattle?
  8. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Contact a reputable tuner to turn it on. Ford disabled it, probably after they found out people were installing it themselves.
  9. TSB 19-2026: Aluminum Panel Corrosion

    I think you should be okay. I am going to wash the car tomorrow and look for the spot on my car to see if it has changed over the past few years.
  10. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Seems to be programming that needs to be done by a tuner or a dealer. The 18 models get away with making a change with forscan.
  11. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Look under the back of your car at the charcoal canister cover sitting under the spare tire well. If there is an unused connector there, you have the wiring.
  12. TSB 19-2026: Aluminum Panel Corrosion

    I was thinking the same. The seam is sloppy too, and the bubbles in the clear on top are probably from being sprayed on a sloppy surface. I recall seeing that somewhere on my car when I first bought it new. Pitholer - how long ago did you notice that? Has it gotten any worse?
  13. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Somewhere in the thread, a member found where the harness connected in one of the kick panels and was going to fabricate a harness for it. Not sure how he made out with it.
  14. What car has the most obnoxious drivers when you drive your S550.

    The relatively new breed of BMW owners with their shit tune that makes it sound like the car is backfiring badly. They are obnoxious.
  15. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    2018 is easy if you have the wiring in the back of the car. It's as simple as adding the mufflers and the pigtails and using forscan to turn the option on. 2019+ is a little more complicated as it seems Ford turned off the the programming in the ecu and that requires a dealer or a tuner to turn...
  16. 2019 GT idle chatter (I don't think this is BBQ tick)

    Kinda sounds like the typewriter tick but more frequent. When I had it, it would do it more randomly.
  17. How do you ship a hood (bonnet) across the country?

    Have to use a freight company more then likely and put it on a pallet
  18. Exhaust Cam issues

    Wouldn't a bad phaser throw a code?
  19. How do you flip the front seat forward?

    My wife always seems to have an issue with the handle. Have to push the seat back sometimes to get it to work. She has no patience and goes for the lever.
  20. New Jersey 2016 Performance Pack Gauge Dash Panel

    I'm local. Interested if Hattrick doesn't want them.