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  1. E85, and Ford Warranty...

    Assume your power train warranty won’t be honored should you experience a catastrophic failure. It’s as simple as that. Maybe you have a dealer that is willing to work with you, but that’s not always the case.
  2. Schropp Aluminum Strut Tower Brace for Mustang w ROUSH blowers?

    I don’t have that brace, but I can comment on Schropp Tuning in general. I’ve been to their shop and had them do some work to my car when I lived in Germany. Top notch people and they did a good job on my car. Probably one of the top Mustang shops on the European mainland. If I was in the...
  3. Thoughts on Engine Machine Work Quote

    A brand new block is <$900 from Ford. Stock rods and pistons from eBay or something. Get your crankshaft inspected and cleaned up if needed. Measure it for bearings and throw it together. Probably the cheapest way to put a stock short block together.
  4. Longer OEM O2 Sensors or O2 extensions for Long Tube Headers?

    I used the NTK 27080, which should be F150 driver side upstream. The longest wire harness I could find. I got two of them and installed them with my TSP headers. They were NOT long enough by 3-4” on both sides of my 2019 GT auto. In the short term I’ve had to use extensions until I can get the...
  5. 2015 mustang gt header question

    A good muffler shop should be able to fabricate a mid-pipe that connects headers to your exhaust. I’m not sure how much the BBK mid-pipe costs, but that may be the more cost effective option compared to having something fabricated. Most any tuners today will tune for headers but they will not...
  6. Best tuner to get for a good E85 tune?

    The nGauge is discontinued but the ones in circulation that are locked to Lund should still work for new tunes.
  7. Best tuner to get for a good E85 tune?

    The reason I ask is that Lund’s site specifically says it supports the RTD and LR nGauge only, but the Lethal site gives an option to buy an MPVI2 when buying a Lund tune.
  8. Best tuner to get for a good E85 tune?

    Will the big name tuners support the MPVI2? I thought they were only supporting the RTD. Maybe I’m mistaken or I misunderstand how it all works between the two devices. Thanks.
  9. Dyno question-different drive modes, different results?

    There’s nothing in the calibration that can change engine power output based on drive modes. Although it would be cool if there was.
  10. Whipple iat trouble

    Every 3.0L gen 5 Whipple install I’ve seen has the MAF element connector pointing towards the front of the car. That’s where the car’s MAF harness is routed to, which is probably why you don’t have something to plug into that connector. You need to rotate the MAF housing so it’s pointing to the...
  11. Vortech install done, flashing CEL

    1500° cat temps are fine, but the temp is inferred. It should start cat over temp protection sometime in the mid-1600° range, assuming it’s not disabled or the temp threshold isn’t cranked way up. 10.5-11.2 air-fuel ratio is also fine. That’s about 0.8-0.76 lambda range, which isn’t uncommon at...
  12. Me and my '17 GT on the Nurburgring

    That would be a blast. Hopefully someday I’ll be back.
  13. Me and my '17 GT on the Nurburgring

    Sounds like fun. I miss that place.
  14. Lund tune and now CLE

    Talk to Lund about how to do it. They use an operating system that’s not defined in the HP Tuners VCM suite and those controls might not be available to you with your MPVI2+. Did you use the MPVI to load the file or did you use an RTD or Ngauge?
  15. STFT swinging/Idle Stumble post cam install.

    A data log would be helpful. Have you asked the tuner? You said the MAF is brand new…is it backwards?
  16. STFT swinging/Idle Stumble post cam install.

    What cams? And was the tune updated for them?
  17. Cylinder 4 Down. Home Engine Rebuild Thread

    To each their own, but at some point you might as well just buy a car that you don’t modify. Then you don’t have to worry about anything.
  18. Cylinder 4 Down. Home Engine Rebuild Thread

    People want to take shortcuts and just magically understand how to tune these things, that’s why many of them have issues. This is probably one of the most complex platforms to learn on and I can see why people pay to get a tune. The information sharing on this platform is very limited and how...