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  2. Power Pack 3 feedback

    Calling all PP3 owners. What has been your experience. Did you dyno your car and see the gains advertised by Ford? Did it disable your knock sensors and cause pinging? How is the drivability? Why did you choose to install the PP3 ?
  3. 2018 Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup

    Over 500 cars showed up in Steamboat Springs Colorado. I think close to 200 participated in the Autocross events on Friday. Weather held up for show on Saturday. Rain moved in for the drive home on Sunday. It was worth it. Awesome event. _
  4. Denver Shop Recommendations?

    Looking for a shop that installs Suntek film protection and a shop that can install vinyl stripes. I'm thinking there should be one shop that could do both.
  5. Fluid Cap Covers

    Does anyone know if the 2010-2014 fluid cap covers can be used on 2015-2017? Would like to have some more options. Since most just slide over top of cap secured with tape, I was wondering if anyone has tried.