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  1. what do you think of this super charger set up?

    Centrifugal blowers in general are on the easier side of installing when it comes to superchargers. Additionally, if wanting to revert to stock they are the easiest type to uninstall. regarding the kit, the gate keeper isn’t needed if just a cool factor and wanting some more power. They’re...
  2. Borla Switchfire or Corsa Double X

    I personally run the double-h on my GT500 and it sound BEAUTIFUL! The double x sounds just as good but that raspier tone compared to the lower tone of the double h. Def my recommendation ☠️🤘🏻
  3. About to order a Calimer Stage 3 MT82, what clutch is right for me?

    The spline option you decide to go with will also determine which route you take. if 23 spline And want a clutch that holds power but also easy in the engagement and great for cruising, the LPX of LPXHD for high capacity. If 26 spline then The RXT from Mcleod as i feel the RST when hot tends...
  4. Anyone NOT have the tech pack?

    PM me and I’ll take a look if no one else has
  5. 4th of July SALES kick off today!! Site-wide, Lethal Performance Drag Packs & MORE!!!

    exact wait is TBD but every test set was the same weight as forgestar d5s which is around 20ish lbs.
  6. ☠️ Lethal Launch Controller ☠️

    Launching in 3..2..1..! Absolutely stoked about the release Lethal Launch Controller system. If you’re Having trouble getting consistent 0-60’s or struggling with finding the sweet spot in the RPM’s then this is what you’re looking for. We worked with TS performance to put a viable option out...
  7. Pedal Commander GT350R

    Honestly i would just go without. A tune will yield better results in all facets compared to that which changes some throttle response but that’s about it. if not wanting a tune then save your money for something else down there line :) just my two cents
  8. LPX Clutch + MGW X-Spec + Motul DCTF = Awesomeness and Love for the MT-82

    Hell yea!! Glad you’re happy with the setup and an LPX and MGW make for an awesome Combo!! ☠️🍻
  9. J&L vs UPR catch can

    I’ve ran a UPR setup up on my ‘17 w/Whipple and now on my’20 GT500 and i love the setup. The can sits behind the passenger side headlight and is on the larger side which is great. Also, like you stated, It also has the clean side to it which to mean completed the kit. The UPR setup keeps the...
  10. 2018+ Whipple Complete stg2 kits IN STOCK

    Great news Alert!! We now have a bunch of Whipple Stage 2 kits (standard complete systems) IN STOCK for your 2018+ Mustang GTs! These will not last long so do not wait pull the trigger! ☠#TeamLethal
  11. 2018+ Whipple stg2 Complete Kits IN STOCK

    Great news folks! We now have a bunch of Whipple Stage 2 kits (standard complete systems) IN STOCK for your 2018+ Mustang GTs! These will not last long so do not wait pull the trigger! ☠️#TeamLethal
  12. N/A or VMP Loki?

    this site/my phone go crazy with auto correcting to things that make zero sense haha
  13. N/A or VMP Loki?

    As others have stated, do it right if you’re going to go with a blower or FI in general. The 10r80 cars are less prone to breaking compared to a stick car. With that’s said, In either case you’ll want to stiffen up the IRS by adding a cradle lockout at a minimum to help stiffen up the IRS...

    Not Borla but corsa is essentially the same with how the actuator fits and have not seen or heard of any issues regarding what debris getting in there. Does not seem to be a common problem with these cars but rather the wire hardness or fuses :)
  15. JLT intake

    As stated above, just throw the stock one on while you’re testing eveything. Once it’s all done post a picture of that engine bay and give us a shout when you’re looking to get it tuned. ☠️🤘🏻
  16. Whipple gen5 91 octane

    I ran the gen3 on my 17 and ran 91 octane on the Whipple tune for about 1.5 years or so without any issues at all. the Whipple tune as great and allowed for me to change settings and parameters ifi felt The need to do so. The power is always there but i could still get 25* mpg on the highway...