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  1. New York 5 spurs KR cupholder armrest cover

    Mint condition 5 spurs Cup holder cover/ armrest. Black leather with white stitching. $75 plus shipping. 20191014_155127 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Sold it today. Bittersweet transaction. Got offered $42k for my 9500 mile 2020. Getting ready for the pitchforks:......... Buying a 2020 Buick Regal TourX. Adds $10k to my pocket. The dealer I sold it to thought I was insane.
  3. Window Up w Door Open?

    Disconnect the battery with the door closed.
  4. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    Cadillac cts5-v Blackwing
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I think you have a missing pedal........ Actually looks like a shadow clutch...
  6. MP Concepts side marker lights.

    Water got into the first one, learned my lesson. 3 more failed from probable overheating.
  7. MP Concepts side marker lights.

    FWIW, I have been through 4 different led markers since 2016 and all of them have burned out, melted or pixillated. Each has been a different brand. Just put the original markers with an led replacement bulb back and have been good for a year.
  8. What's in your cup holder

    5spurs Link to armrest
  9. What's in your cup holder

    Mine has a cover 20191014_155127 by chefjpd, on Flick
  10. Switching from Base GT Belly Pan to GT Performance Pack Belly Pan

    Tough to really open it up, but the Southern state in Nassau county is pretty safe, and Floyd Bennet Field is good for 0-60 practice.
  11. These Damn Birds...

    This and a clay towel works every time
  12. coolant cap problem.

    Just because I am bored, I went and tried the cap on my 2020. Cap has never been removed since new. Popped right off, no issues. It seems to have been well lubricated from the factory. I pulled the O ring and marine greased it anyway. Went back on like buttah.
  13. Oil pressure surge at 2k?

    Google coyote gen 3 oil pressure. There is a solenoid on the filter mount that regulates oil pressure. Normal......
  14. What steering wheels do you guys have in your GTs?

    Revesol wheel 20211216_142332 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  15. Miles on odometer from factory?

    My redheaded stepchild was sitting on the dealer lot for 8 months. Had 80 miles on the clock. Grabber lime 6mt is apparently not desireable. My biggest issue was getting the shoe dye "great deal" off the windscreen. That shit is tenacious.
  16. Android auto

    Anyone have a recent change with the AA connection? Mine is direct USB. I used to have spotify on my sync screen and Waze on my mounted phone. Today, it blanked my phone and only allowed apps on the main screen. Had to toggle between them on my sync screen. No great dilemma, but ??????
  17. Ceramic Coating Wheels

    You will NEVER win that line of questioning. She is beautifying for you. You are beautifying for............... Choose your battles. That said, I was able to rationalize the $200 ceramic coating on my new P6GR wheels with the "savings on wheel cleaning products" she seemed to have bought it....