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  1. 10 month, 10,000 mile review

    Hands down the best money I ever spent! Haven't enjoyed driving this much since I was 17 in my '69 Firebird. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to get the HP and/or Tremec. But then I remind myself I would have probably wrapped it around a telephone pole by now, and I'm in...
  2. Mach 1 Track Tour - Chandler, AZ

    I was invited to the Mach 1 Track Tour featuring the Shelby GT500 this past weekend. I'm not going to write a novel today but will say: 1) Ford was awesome and Jim Owens was as nice in person as you have probably seen in videos on YouTube (as was the entire team). 2) The Mach 1 is an absolute...
  3. Question about oil pressure

    I've noticed my oil pressure is max'ed out the first few minutes after starting. Is that normal?
  4. How long did it take for your Track Attack invite to arrive?

    I picked up my FJG M1 on September 10th. Received my owners kit with the gears about two weeks later. One week ago received my Ford Pass I.D. card. Still waiting for my Track Attack invite. How long did it take for your invite to arrive? I'm itching to get down to Charlotte.
  5. Thoughts or experiences with extended warranties?

    It's been a long time since I bought a Ford or any performance car for that matter. I spoke with Granger today regarding my purchase and inquired about extended warranties. They offer a 7/70000 mile extended warranty through a company called Ethos. My gut is telling me to pass on it...
  6. What to expect when expecting.... my Mach 1 from Granger?

    The Mach 1 I ordered from Zach at Granger is scheduled for production the week of August 9th. I'm going to drive it back to SOCAL. Got an email from Granger today asking if I wanted any window tinting, PPF, ceramic coating, ect.., once it arrives. Any of you out there that have ordered from...