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  1. Gauges

    Thanks guys but I'm struggling to even get into the trip screen. Certainly know how to do the reset from there.
  2. Ooohhhh looky what i scored.

    That's a great score!
  3. Gauges

    Well I'm at a loss. Would love to get into the trip/fuel menu and do a reset in there but alas I cannot. Before you all tell me to read the manual I've done that and tried in vain to get it working. I go to the gears on the steering wheel, first option is trip/fuel and the only thing to do is...
  4. Ozarks International Raceway GT500 Action! (video)

    Just signed up for MVP's October event. Shouldn't be 100 degrees out there this time. Probably still going to track the Boss 302. No it's not as fast but it sure is fun!
  5. Ozarks International Raceway GT500 Action! (video)

    Well, I just finished my first 2 day experience at OIR. I did not put my GT500 on the track but rather my Boss 302. Absolutely amazing track. World class all the way. The most technical track I've ever been on. 2 corners that can bite but handle them properly and there are rewards. I...
  6. Who needs an FL2087? Act fast.

    Look at the first page of posts. All the details there.
  7. Who needs an FL2087? Act fast.

    Thank you @Tomster Feel like I just won the lottery!
  8. Ozarks International Raceway Overview and Turn By Turn Narration! (video)

    Okay, this was really good. Nice lines. You were super smooth and especially on a wet track. Very nice. From what I can tell that curbing can really be used when it's dry out and I'd love your thoughts on that. I'll be out there the end of July and was going to track my Boss 302 as it's...
  9. Track Attack Insurance

    You're the only one who has to feel comfortable with this. I didn't do the insurance and am glad I didn't waste the money. We really weren't allowed to push the cars that hard. On the flip side if it was wet out the insurance would have been a nice safety net. If you're new to road courses...
  10. ADM Hell! Ford!!!!

    Puts things in perspective for sure. Best to you. Beat this! We've been through 3 cancer instances in my household in the last 2 years. Beat them all. You can too!
  11. Lego Technic GT500

    This is nuts. I bought 2 of them at my local Target store. They had 5 in stock.
  12. Oil Filter

    I already have the CFTP!
  13. Oil Filter

    My kingdom for a oil filter. Well not quite but has anyone had luck finding an oil filter for the GT500 lately? I started looking a couple weeks ago and placed an order with Ford Parts to only have it canceled the next day. LMR looks to have a new shipment due in next week but I'm not...
  14. Trailering with CFTP

    Those are great but won’t work with the futura. That’s okay, I have a method.
  15. VIR Full Course: I bought a $100K Fuel Strainer / Evaporator!!!

    At Road America running full out I figured it would last 22 minutes before it was empty. A 20 gallon tank would have been nice for sure. I’m at Road Atlanta this weekend. So we shall see. Not every lap has to be all out.
  16. Trailering with CFTP

    Everyone is spot on with their ideas on this. Using the wheels as mount lint is fine but use something to protect the wheels. Those J hooks will hook directly to the frame. And the Ford mounting brackets work great. That’s what I use now on my new Futura trailer. Those over the tire ones are...
  17. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    Many will disagree but $10K over for a CFTP? Someone will be very happy with that price (other than the dealer).
  18. 74 miles and already totalled

    Looks like driver air bag deployed - wires coming from the steering wheel.
  19. 74 miles and already totalled

    Yeah that orange one seems like a money pit. The blue one would be okay if you have the skills to do body work. Unfortunately I don't have those skills.
  20. New at cosco

    Thanks I found it on e-bay.