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  1. Tire Recommendations

    Currently on 20inch 10.5 Velgen wheels wrapped in Nitto NT555 G2 and want to swap out the rear tires for something that can put power down on the street, about 740rwhp. Going to leave the fronts as is, but need something for the rears. Highway car, with little to no track. Was looking at Mickey...
  2. Washington FIC 1000cc Injectors + Spark Plugs + 2017 GT Fuel Pump

    I just installed a Fore L2 system and have some fueling parts for sale: FIC 1000cc injectors : 6k miles on them and are in great condition. $625 OBO Stock 2017 Fuel pump and rails: Works perfectly fine, went to a dual Fore fuel pump. 14k miles on it (stock manufacturer part ) $275 OBO...
  3. Undisclosed Wanted: Lund nGauge

    If anyone has an unmarried Lund nGauge for sale, please let me know! Can and will pay a premium if its what I am looking for. thanks!
  4. Wanted: Lund nGauge

    Looking for an unmarried Lund nGauge. Snoozed on one earlier, and circled back around to getting one. Can process payment today if its what Im looking for. Thanks!
  5. Wanted: Lund nGauge

    Looking for an unmarried Lund nGauge. Not trying to go HP tuners RTD. DM if you have an nGauge. Thanks!
  6. Washington State Mustang Shops??

    Recently moved to Washington and I cannot find a shop willing to touch my Mustang. Looking to do an E85 swap / Flex tune and some transmission work. Need some help guys, any recommendations?
  7. Just moved to Kirkland, WA

    Hey everyone, just moved from chicago to kirkland. Any cruise nights and/or meetups in the area? Would love to meet a few and test out the waters on the 405! (in mexico ofc)
  8. Washington *UPDATE* 2017 Mustang GT CS Vortech w/ Aluminator Motor - 725RWHP Lund Tuned

    Selling my 2017 Ford Mustang GT Auto California Special Supercharged Vehicle has been built using a Ford Performance SC Crate Gen 2 Aluminator Motor which comes with a 2 yr/24k mile warranty. Motor installed May 2021 - Currently 2,500 miles on motor, 14k on chassis. Car pulls very strong...
  9. 93 Octane in Seattle, WA??

    Moving from the midwest to Washington and from what I am seeing there is no 93 octane fuel out in Washington?? Car is currently on a 93 tune and the next best thing is 92. Really hoping I do not need to retune... Any help or suggestions on gas stations would be great
  10. Illinois 2017 Mustang Intake Manifold

    Selling a brand new 2017 Ford Mustang GT intake manifold with cover. Brand new. Zero miles. Came off of a ford performance crate motor in which im using a Gt350 intake manifold so this one is not needed. 250 or OBO
  11. Gen 2 9.5:1 Crate Engine

    Need some feedback if anyone has gone the Ford Performance Gen 2 SC aluminator route. Blew my motor and looking for a quick fix and about to pull the trigger on the 9.5:1 built motor. Was pushing about 800 to the crank before the motor crapped out on me. Looking to get the lower compression...
  12. Cars & Coffee - Chicago March 7th

    Cars and Coffe in Schaumburg Il next Sunday March 7th Who's In??
  13. Best Performance Motor Build Shops

    Shopping around for shops that can build my internals. Any recommendations? Can ship my car so location not an issue
  14. Chicago Tuning Shop Needed!

    Any info on reputable shops that do builds/ tuning in the chicago area? Does not have to be Chicago but can be 50 miles in any direction. I've had my car tuned and some performance work done at Modern Muscle in Plainfield IL. Just looking for some other options
  15. Flex tune for 2017 GT?

    Was wondering if there was an e85 flex tune for a 2017 gt. Stories vary as well do shops in chicago as well. Is there a such thing as a e85 flex tune for a 2017 mustang?
  16. Need more torque! Help :)

    Running a v3 si blower with FBO. Pushing 680rwhp and 515torque. Boost on supercharger is about 8.5psi. Can increase boost after I do the rods/pistons/sleeves. What else can help me bring the torque up?
  17. Max Hp on a Coyote Auto Trans?

    What is the max rwhp a 2017 coyote 5.0 Auto Transmission can handle before needing to build/ upgrade?
  18. Need 1000 hp

    Hey everyone, need some help in deciding next steps for my Coyote. Shes a 2017, 5.0 currently making 680rwhp/~840hp. Ultimate goal is to hit 1,000rwhp (or close to) Current setup includes: -Vortech V3 Blower - Comp Cams 231/237 - 8 rib drive upgrade from Vortech - Ford Performance Intake -...
  19. Horesepower needed to beat a bike

    Hey guys, Serious question, in getting ready for next summer, how much hp does a car need to keep up with 600cc and 1000cc bikes. Currently pushing 680rwhp/850 to the crank...