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  1. Velgen Tyre size.

    I've just brought some Velgen wheels and i'm trying to decide what's the best tyre to put on and what size, if any Velgen owners could help it'll be of great help. Thanks.
  2. WeatherTech car matts for RHD

    Not sure if this has been mentioned so sorry if it's a repeat but WeatherTech now do car floor matts for RHD mustangs, mine arrived today, well pleased.
  3. Don't hate me

    Well I sold my GT last week, have to say I found it rather upsetting to see her go, plan was to sell it now and save my pennies ready for the new 2018 face lift, whilst there I happen to mention the Focus RS and the Stealth Grey colour I love on that car, the sales guys then stupidly tells me...
  4. Performance or non Performance cars

    I'm thinking of getting a APR front splitter at some stage, does anyone on here know whether our cars have the Performance Pack or Non Performance Pack? Has anyone fitted one yet?
  5. How many miles since arrival.

    Just a tad bored so thought i'd ask this, so how many mile have you guys done since ownership? I'm on 2768.00 since the end of April last year.
  6. Gas hood struts.

    Ok this maybe a stupid question but I've brought some Redline hood struts and was wondering whether I need to be careful when fitting them as we have the deployable hood system on our cars, last thing I want is to set off any little explosions :doh:
  7. Ford Performance GT350R strut tower brace RHD

    I see CJPony do a Ford Performance GT350R strut tower brace for RHD cars, has anyone got one? Also the Black brace that come with it do we need to fit it? Or am I right in saying our cars have it already?
  8. Auto engine cut off

    Has anyone else had this, I was under the car today cleaning the underside with the engine running, she was ticking over for around 10 minutes and the engine just shut down, do these cars have an auto shut down if just sat idling for long periods.
  9. Mustang Winter Hibernation

    Ok I know it's still Summer...well kinda, but as my car is for summer and weekend use only i'm starting to think about what to do plan wise for the winter months, I've never had a car that I won't be driving in the winter time so i'm not sure what the best things are to do to prepare, do I just...
  10. People selling after short ownership.

    I've noticed a few on here are already selling their cars after only owning them for around 6 months, seems very sad after having to wait almost a year, am I missing something.
  11. Transmission/Gear box faults

    My car (Manual GT) is booked into the dealers due to a strange whirling sound coming from the cars underside/gearbox area, it happens when the car has done at least 5 miles and has warmed up, I'll feel that when I pull away very slow (creeping in traffic) in 1st I can hear what sounds like the...
  12. My Ingot Silver V8

    Well I've finally picked her up, everything seems ok so far although I've not had a real good look around, I stuck the rear number plate on wonky so that needs adjusting, I guess these sticky pads you stick them on with won't damage the paint when I pull it off? Now to the worrying news...well...
  13. Come on!! Where's Manders and his car!!!

    We're all waiting for you to tell us about your car, hopefully pictures as well.
  14. Under Sealing

    So with more people finally taking ownership I thought i'd bring this subject up (again) And as we know It's not the first time it's been mentioned, so how do you new owners feel about the work done to the underside of your cars? I'd guess there's many of us that to be honest wouldn't know a...
  15. GT swap for GT350

    How many would trade in their GT/Eco for the GT350 should it come to the UK? It'll just be our luck that the GT350 will come to the UK after we've waited so long for our new cars, often thought should I have waited just in case it happens, is it really worth part exeing for one or would you just...
  16. Mustang Clutch

    I keep reading on these forums about owners changing the clutch spring, is the Mustangs clutch really that bad? Are there any Mustang owners on here who have owned or own a Fiesta (2013 model) as that's my current daily car and was wondering how different it might be to that, I don't have any...
  17. Ford Car Covers

    Just checked Fords web site and see they're selling Car Covers, they look rather good and even have the Mustang Logo stamped on them, little on the expensive side though, my question is although my car will be kept in a garage I was thinking of going for the Outdoor one (my OCD kicking in) and...
  18. Bonnet/Hood Metal type.

    Can anyone clear this up, I thought the Bonnet was made of Ally but someone on the Aussie site has just said they think it's made of Steel because we have the pedestrian safety thing unlike the American cars which are Aluminium. Those that have put hood struts in might be able to shed some light...
  19. Puddle lamp problems

    Ok we Brits need some help from the land of Sun and hot weather, a lot of UK cars are having problems with the Puddle lamp horse, the image of the horse is starting to break up, i'm starting to think it might be down to the crap weather we have in the UK and these lamps are getting problems due...
  20. Exhaust last!!

    Well I've finally done it....ordered tonight from CJPony, does anyone know how long it takes to arrive from the US? And how much you have to pay duty wise? I guess you pay the van driver when it arrives?