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  1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs Nitto 555r2

    Lookin for a set of MT streets 285-295 35/20 if yall know where I can find a set of 2
  2. Nitto NT555 G2 (19") recommended tire pressures?

    Nittos are pretty shitty, I have a pair on my car rn. Tbh i've been trying to hunt down a set of MT Street SS since April and they have been on a national back order. Any recs on any other tire?
  3. PNW Stang Gang

    Anyone down for a meetup this weekend?
  4. PNW Stang Gang

    Weekend evening / early morning cruise? Down to meet up with a few folks if interested
  5. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    Those whipples throw down
  6. TKM Performance Review

    Any update on the build? Do they do any assembly work to send you back a full engine ready to be dropped into your car? Their packages seem pretty great for the money...
  7. Ride along request

    Not sure yet, its not my daily so not too worried about it
  8. Ride along request

    I got a 2017 auto vortech supercharged in kirkland
  9. Washington *UPDATE* 2017 Mustang GT CS Vortech w/ Aluminator Motor - 725RWHP Lund Tuned

    Car is running beautifully....little scared of the power but it keeps me on my feet haha. If your local to Washington, happy to neet up if you want to check it out
  10. Tire Recommendations

    Great I will look into them! Thanks boosted 6r80 car?
  11. Tire Recommendations

    Yea I have. Cant get the MTs anywhere as they are on back order. Was leaning towards the R888R though. Any experience with the Nitto rii's?
  12. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    Vortech is underrated. The efficiency on that unit is incredible. I have a Vortech V3 SI - a smaller unit than the jt and on pump im at 650 and 730 on E. If I upgrade to the JT - I will be close to 800rwhp no problem.
  13. Tire Recommendations

    Currently on 20inch 10.5 Velgen wheels wrapped in Nitto NT555 G2 and want to swap out the rear tires for something that can put power down on the street, about 740rwhp. Going to leave the fronts as is, but need something for the rears. Highway car, with little to no track. Was looking at Mickey...
  14. New Jersey Supercharger oil

    Still got these and do you have the squirt screw on cap?
  15. PNW Stang Gang

    I am vortech v3 si supercharged as well. What kind of power you putting down?
  16. Fathouse Fabrications twin-turbo GT350 build

    Was looking for a price on that package, glad it was mentioned. You do get a built block, wheels n tires, triple pump fuel system, suspension n obv the tuning with it. If u think about it and add up parts n labor they are not too far off... lotta $$though
  17. Washington *UPDATE* 2017 Mustang GT CS Vortech w/ Aluminator Motor - 725RWHP Lund Tuned

    725 rwhp lund tuned at 12 lbs of boost on e85