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  1. South Carolina Procharger P1X stage 2

    I’m considering selling my Procharger kit. It’s still on the car. 5000 miles on the kit. It will include the complete kit with ATI balancer, lethal BAP, 4.75/4.63/4.5/4.25 pulley’s and a dw400 in the bucket ready to drop in the tank. You will need to supply your own crank bolt. Im looking to...
  2. Fuse for fuel pump keeps blowing with Lethal BAP

    I fixed a boost leak today on my 18 that has a Procharger on. It was a small leak causing a few psi loss and now It keeps blowing the fuel pump fuse. The kit comes with a 40amp fuse but the directions say for 15+ that changing the fuse under the hood isn’t necessary. Should I change the fuse to...
  3. Very strange noise coming from my engine bay

    I recently heard this horrific noise from my engine bay. I removed the belt to the Procharger so I could try and pin point it. It sounded like the ac compressor so I removed the belt to the compressor but the noise is still present. It doesn’t matter if the ac is on or off. Has anyone heard...
  4. 18 GT A10 Procharger 4.25in pulley

    Hopefully someone can help. I just received my Lethal Stage 2 kit today and the P1x came with a 4.25in pulley, is this going to make too much boost for 93 at 7500rpms. I will be running 1050x injectors and a BAP for now. Thanks in advance