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  1. GT350 intake with GT500 airbox / cover?

    Is that my picture! :like: I need some sort of kick back for that. Just kidding, thank you for being a big supporter of the forum. I wouldn't mind any suggestions on replacing those four bolt-posts that hold the lid to the airbox. Something a little more low profile, or even some sort of thumb...
  2. GT350 intake with GT500 airbox / cover?

    Ok, I just got back and it is not stock, but better than the open airbox FPPP2 with the GT500 airbox 86 degrees ambient Cruising around town and IAT’s are 10-13 over. Mostly mid to high 90’s. I sat at a few long lights and I saw 109 at its worst. But it drops quicker now. Cylinder temp only...
  3. GT350 intake with GT500 airbox / cover?

    The GT500 airbox only solves the high IAT issue. No improvement over performance, but I believe everyone would understand that. With the stock Mustang GT setup, I would see 5-10 degrees above ambient. All day, everyday The FPP2 setup with the open GT350 airbox saw around 20 degrees at red...
  4. Wisconsin SOLD 2016 GT OEM Trunk Lid

    oh, I wish you were closer. Let me know if you wanna ship.
  5. GT350 intake with GT500 airbox / cover?

    Well, I know I’m late to the party, but a few weeks ago I installed the PP2 kit. And like others, I was getting higher IAT’s over stock with the new kit. I ordered the three GT500 parts for the air box and it is sharp. Shout out to @ZenkaiRacer for verifying the parts list, and the tip about the...
  6. GT350 intake with GT500 airbox / cover?

    I just installed my PP2 kit on my 2017, and see higher IAT's over the stock intake setup. Did you get just the GT500 box and lid (KR3Z-9661-A and KR3Z-9A612-A), or did you need anything else for the gen2 setup? I'm hoping to use the GT350 tube/filter/etc.
  7. Spare Tire Question

    Ford says 18inch
  8. New York 2015-2017 Mustang Stock Exhaust - $175

    bump, and now $175
  9. New York Xforce midpipe

    bump to the top!
  10. 15-17 Xforce non-res mid pipe kit

    Cut away. I have mine in the for sale section if you screw up :)
  11. New York Xforce midpipe

    Brand new, never mounted midpipe for the Xforce catback system. I bought the midpipe delete pipe and never used this. 3” tubing. Asking $100. Prefer local pickup, but buyer can pay for shipping.
  12. New York 2015-2017 Mustang Stock Exhaust - $175

    Stock/OEM full catback exhaust for a 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT. This just came off a 2017 Mustang GT, with 4,000 miles. Picked up an aftermarket set and no longer need this. Pick-up only. Asking $175
  13. Advice required - Redoing entire car protection - Ceramic, PPF or BOTH?

    To add to this: What is the recommended process for stripes and PPF? PPF over them, or butt against them?
  14. New Jersey WANTED 15-17 HOOD

    What I found searching FB: Damaged Blue: Trufiber...
  15. Varitune vs Varex - review

    VK05, plugs directly into the varex wiring. Simple 3 way switch, but plugs directly into the wires, removing the varex box, so it is really plug and play. It is larger/longer than I thought. I have one and I'm still looking for a great spot to install...
  16. Varitune vs Varex - review

    glad things went ok. The remote grows on you. I bought the switch, but have not found a proper place for it. I was shooting for the temp sensor panel, right of the steering wheel, but the switch is too long to fit.
  17. Arizona WTB Pony Package trunk emblem

    I'm assuming you want the three colored bars, and not the all silver one? I just have a GT and I'm trying to learn about the tri-bar differences. I have a local all silver one on FB...
  18. What can we do for You?

    Hi Benny. I'm looking for a Performance Pack 2 for my 2017, I believe it is M-9603-M8A. Prices are all over the place for this one. Let me know what you can do.