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  1. 0-60 timer

    I have a 2017 GT PP and today I again attempted to get some 0-60 times using the app in the car. I did three runs and saw no times. I opted not to use the Christmas tree but instead the timer begins when the car moves. I did this in a huge arena parking lot which is a little bumpy but not...
  2. 0-60 timer

    Thanks. I'll give it a try again tomorrow.
  3. 0-60 timer

    I know this has been brought up but not this particular issue. Today I went to a convention center parking lot to see what my 2017 PP Roush phase 2 would do. I just installed Gforce Outlaw axles so figured i'd let er go. So, I set the timer for 0-60 that would time once I moved the car. I did...
  4. Louvered quarter window covers

    I've been kicking this around for two years and Saturday at a car show I saw a black GT350 with them and loved them. I ordered them that day and installed them today and love em. They're gloss black as are my wheels. I'm not a fan of the rear window lovers as I think it's overkill. For $80 it...
  5. Roush Phase 2 (installed by Ford) or Whipple Stage 2 (Installed by shop) on my 2021 GT Premium?

    They are very good tires and fine in the rain as long as you don't get froggy. I'll swtch back to G2 this fall.
  6. Roush Phase 2 (installed by Ford) or Whipple Stage 2 (Installed by shop) on my 2021 GT Premium?

    Forgot to mention that I had Brenspeed in Indiana install mine at it was right around $12,000.I believe the Phase 2 price has since gone up. Brenspeed did a beautiful install and I've had zero problems. I highly recommend them or a Mustang focused shop over a Ford dealer. Mustang focused shops...
  7. Roush Phase 2 (installed by Ford) or Whipple Stage 2 (Installed by shop) on my 2021 GT Premium?

    I put a Roush Phase 2 on mine this past November and I'm really happy with it. The tune for the Phase 2 is very good. I went with Roush for a couple of reasons. First the warranty. Second I have emissions every two years and the Roush tune allows me to pass. Third is that I kind of liked the...
  8. **SOLVED** New here, issue that is very strange to me, please help

    I'd lay off the Wild Turkey if I were you.
  9. Aftermarket shift lights?

    I just bought a Raptor dual mode. Did you run the wires through the sound tube hole? That's what I'm thinking.
  10. Drag strip tips

    I just checked the weather and it's supposed to be 95 next Wednesday so I might postpone until the next open Wednesday. Thanks for the tips.
  11. Drag strip tips

    Sounds like a plan. What do you suggest regarding traction control? Track mode and hold the switch?
  12. Drag strip tips

    Thanks much.
  13. Drag strip tips

    Next Wednesday night I'll be going to the drag strip for the first time. My car is 2017 GT PP with Roush Phase 2, Gforce axles and Nitto nt555R2 drag radials plus steeda subframe braces and vertical links. I'm not going to use launch control or the water box. I'm just planning on taking it slow...
  14. Windshield tint/should I?

    I'm considering getting my windshield tinted and I'd appreciate comments for and against. I will comply with state tint limits. Thanks in advance.
  15. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    She's ready to go! 👌
  16. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    My 2017 GT PP Supercharged