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  1. N gauge confusion after tsb work for brakes

    Hello I got my TSB warranty work done for my brakes (new rotors and pads ) . So far no more squealing :) anyways I unplugged my N Gauge before dropping off my car at the dealer. When I got my car back I plugged my N Gauge back in . My confusion is this under tunes it shows NO Tunes Found ...
  2. Anyone going to Mustangs VS Camaros

    Is anyone going to this ? I am with my daughter . It will be in Houston at the Budweiser plant . 10-3 tomorrow . I will be at Bass Pro at 6:45 to 7am by the The Rim if anyone in the SA area wants to join . The more Mustangs the better!!!:headbang:
  3. How do I do a Donut

    Can someone tell me how to do a donut ? I want to try one !! I have a manual transmission GT premium but not performance pack . What do I do and what do I put the settings on ? Thank you , Wendy
  4. Track Guys Final Roundup at Texas World Speedway

    I'm going to this event for Saturday March 28 . Gonna put my 2015 in the car show anyone else going ?
  5. Rain sensing/Auto wipers

    Found out today mine don't work at all I even put them on the most sensitive . I made sure the box was checked too . Anyone else have this happen ? It was raining hard today . At least they work manually .
  6. Question for those that have premium mustangs

    I got my 2015 GT last night . I traded in my 2014 . Does anyone know if it displays the mustang pony in the information center display ? (The display between the two center gauges) Mine just shows miles to empty . On my 14 it showed the pony with miles to empty . Kinda gonna miss that if it...
  7. It's here !! :)

    My car is here in sooo excited ! My salesman sent me pictures and a video :headbang:
  8. Mustangfest 2014

    I put up video on the Lexington on utube and :ford: and :coolphotos: in my album
  9. I'm Off To MustangFest

    Hi everyone me and my 2 girls are off to MustangFest :) :)it's held at Mustang Island every year but this year we get to put our Stangs on the USS Lexington . There's always sooo many cool Stangs and nice people . Its a lot of fun. I wonder if there will be a 2015 there . Anyone else going ?